My “Bee” Happy Routine for Stressful Times

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The bee is more honored than other animals,

not because she labors,

but because she labors for others.

-St. John Chrysostom

First, before I start this journey with you about my little “Bee Happy” routine of late, I want to let you know, Bees themselves have little to do with this post, however I have to admit there is still a lot to we could learn from something so small as a honeybee.

Secondly, I confess to a somewhat compulsive adoration for alliteration. I apologize in advance.

Thirdly, I am already cracking myself up. I will not apologize for that… since we know laughter is good for the soul.

Are you ready for some serious psychological, spiritual and serendipitous support from my little section of the stratosphere? Yup…I went there. This is going to be a fun post, or you will hate my guts, but either way, it’s better than a poke in the eye. EGAD! Do not touch your face!

Let’s begin…

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Speak Love

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Speak Love


We know you’re not to blame
though we grumble and complain
along the way, forget your name…
speak love to us, Lord, speak love.

When we’re weary and upset
about the things we can’t forget
over tragedies we’ve wept-
speak love to us, Lord, speak love.

When we grow cold and long for home
from your path we often roam
needing to know we’re not alone-
speak love to us, Lord, speak love.

Through darkest days we cling to hope
despite our worn and thinning rope
we’re trusting in the scope
of your grace to carry us.

Speak love to us, Lord, speak love-
speak love in the community
speak love in unity
if ever a hope there be…

over all humanity, speak love.

Part of Lent 2020.

Seeing, Unseen

Seeing, Unseen

For the longest time you were a desert,
dry, desolate, unforgiving…
I wept and cried out for you
but you could not see me, you did not hear me.

Carrying on with those you already knew,
refusing the offerings of those unknown to you,
rejecting gifts which could have satisfied many,
beyond yourselves… still, you would not
accept the presentation, finding offense in small things.

Parched, enslaved, blind you remained…
But God made a way, despite your resistance,
despite your thick-necked ways.

Though I grew weary, He did not.
Though I gave up, He did not.
Though I turned away, He did not.
For He is faithful, and He has loved me unfailingly.

And He has brought you along paths
you did not create but He Himself has forged them-
because you would not see the unseen,
and you needed to be taught
how to love.


May the church repent and return to her first love and Bridegroom. Amen.

This poem is part of the Lent 2020 series.

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