A Peek into Pockitudes Journals

In January of this year, I stumbled upon a small three pack of pocket-sized notebooks while in a CVS Pharmacy. I was on a local getaway in our small state (Rhode Island) during the limitations of what will possibly forever be refferred to as simply “The Pandemic”- at least until the next one. Anyhoo….

The small pack itself was on an endcap, and immediatly caught my eye, as I perused for the things I didn’t know I needed, while hubby grabbed whatever we were actually in the store for that night. The name on the cover of the journals definately peaked my interest…what the heck is a Pockitude, I wondered. I, of course began thinking about the possibilities of the colorful, small booklets before me, and decided for about ten dollars, I would take my chances on the tiny treasures and explore them more closely at my leisure once we were back at the hotel, or home.

I tore into my little pack of notebooks once back at the hotel. I was intrigued by the size and by the beautiful, yet simple design both inside and out. I leaned that a Pockitude was “a gratitude recorded in a pocket-sized journal”.

Pockitude founder Frederic Terral, who describes himself as recovering negative thinker who struggled with “anxiety and dark, self-defeating thoughts” before committing to a lifestyle that prioritized being grateful, and practicing realistic self-care such as giving more and taking less, and being present in each moment. My heart rejoiced and wept simultaneously as these were the same struggles and desires of my daughter Katherine’s heart. Of my own heart…and I would suggest, all of our hearts. Here was a focused, small tool to help support and direct one’s focus toward that end…the end of cultivating a grateful heart, which ultimately is self-care fertilizer from which all good things can grow.

Maybe you have kept a Gratitude Journal before (or tried), or maybe you include a gratitude list in your current journal, or practice gratitude in some way. I would say that is is a practice which does require attention, effort and…well, practice! Just like muscles that need to be exercised, just as our lungs need to be stretched to full capacity with attentive deep breaths at times, we need to exert ourselves in this direction before it becomes easier.

I think the reason I am most excited about these notebooks is their portability. They can be slipped in a purse, a pocket or any size planner. This appeals to me because I like thinking of gratitude as something that is to be carried around within. As Mr. Terral states “A Pockitude is an attitude.” That’s something better than a good-luck charm, wouldn’t you agree? It’s something tangible to carry with us to help us remember to tend and cultivate our spiritual, emotional and mental well being. They can be used individually or can travel in their own pocket-sized Traveler’s Notebook, a larger planner/binder, or in the back pocket of a Moleskine style journal.

The second reason I continue to be delighted with these little gracious goldmines is they make perfect journaling gifts! Lean in for a second and listen to me. As someone who is a …ahem, well…shall we say, seasoned journaler? I’m always looking for ways to encourage others to discover the joys to be had with journaling. BUT this can be an overwhelming prospect to many as they face the blank page. Pockitudes offer a very light but respectable format for those who might appreciate a point of entry onto the page.

Peeking into the Pockitudes Format

The left side page offers three areas to help focus and draw out thoughts:

1. I’m Grateful For, with a few categories to identify for the focus, such as a person, place or experience. In total there are six topics to choose from and I have found them completely sufficient.

2. Why I’m Grateful, which allows for further clarification on the topic (s) chosen.

3. Today’s Act Of Kindness, which can be used in a variety of ways as one feels appropriate for the day or journal entry. Perhaps you are the recipient of an act of kindness you want to recall that coincided with your entry. Or maybe you can record your own efforts in intentionally serving another with a kindness. As much as I enjoyed choosing and purchasing a few Pockitudes once I went to the website, it has been my joy to pass them out and of the six total packs I purchased (equalling 18 journals), I have 5 left at this time. Yes, it is better to give than to receive- but these journals make it easy to pay it forward.

4. Dated Entry Space: At the bottom of the page there is a place for a date if so desired.

The right side of the page offers:

1. Reflections: The right side of the Pockitudes page has a light dot grid for a bit more reflective journaling, or a picture or anything you want to put on paper- whether special ephemera related to an event, or stamp, sticker, sketch. I have occasionally been putting a related Poloroid Zip picture there.

2. Quote: The bottom right side has a very unobtrusive gratitude quote. I have enjoyed these words, but appreciate they do not interfere or compete with my own reflective writing. Often they compliment it. I enjoy the quotes chosen.

A third reason I can give you for my adoration of these Pockitude journals is that they donate 5% of all gross profit to mental health non-profit organizations. As many of you know, my daughter Katherine struggled with mental health issues most of her short life. It comforted my heart to see that this company chose this particular area to give.

Lastly, they come in a beautiful assortment of colors and artistic, creatively decorated covers. My first pack was called “Elements”. But once I discovered the variety is was hard to choose. Hence the five initial pacs I bought. I suggest you buy one- Frederic and Team Pockitudes have allowed me a discount code for friends: use DAWN15 for 15 percent off your purchase- and after you fill one and give two away, you treat yourself to more! That’s my plan.

I have to say, I rarely enjoy formatted journals. Pockitudes is an exception for me. I think they allow enough freedom and flexibility to accomodate all sorts of journaling adventures. It’s my journal of choice for Discovering Your Journaling Joy in June. I wholeheartedly encourage you to try them yourself for one month and see if you don’t agree.

Lastly, I’ve done a video on my YouTube channel sharing my first Pockitudes journal experience. I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you have any questions!

Stay tuned for another post and video soon. Thank you for joining me!

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  1. Dawn: I have a friend who deals with issues that get her down. I have wanted to find a way to help her through her latest difficult time. I have ordered one packet of these pockitudes to see if this could be a way to help her see the glass is not half-empty. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I did use the discount code, Thank you for sharing that with us as well.

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