200 Day Journal-Prompt 74

I want to ask you a question…

Actually a few, in the form of a prompt!

Prompt 74- Have the courage to be disliked. -Bruce Lee

Have you ever wondered about your “Like” capacity? I mean, who doesn’t want to be liked, accepted…I mean, it all comes down to one thing, right? Sally Field, summed it up in that one fateful Oscars speech, didn’t she?

There’s usually more to the story than meets the eye. But we are quick to like, dislike, criticise, take things out of context, jump on a bandwagon. BUT, what about when it comes to how YOU are perceived? Wait, what? I am taking this prompt on a U-Turn, -slightly. Stay with me.

Option 1: Write about a time you were completely misunderstood, criticised or innaccurately judged with regard to a specific event or incident, whether what you said, did or didn’t say or do but should have by your own or someone else’s expectation.

OR write about a time you misunderstood, misjudged or misperceived someone else in a circumstance and regretted it.

Whichever option you choose, after you wriet about the incident, reflect on the details, what you learned and what you do differently now in light of it.

Option 2: Would you rather be liked but perceived a coward, or disliked but considered courageous? Write whatever your response is, and see where it leads. Also, be honest. This is your journal, for your eyes only.

Option 3. Elaborating on the prompt in questions, answer as seems good.

Do you have a tendency toward “people pleasing”? How has it impacted your choices or influenced your behavior? How has it impacted outcomes or impacted your life in positive ways? In negative ways? Do you have the courage to be disliked? What does it look like for you to be brave with your yes and your no ? Is it ok to be disliked ? When is not ok to be disliked?

Option 4. What does courage look like for you in your everyday, ordinary experience?

Option 5. To Like or not Like, is that even a question?- In your journal discuss with yourself how important Social Media influences how you see yourself and others. Ask yourself what is the cost of acceptance, likes, popularity through the lens of platform. Challenge yourself to explore what value you place or don’t place on the role SM is playing in your life, culture, community. How can you balance the growing influence of SM on you, those you care about? How have you disregarded the influence, power or impact prior to now?

As always, take the prompt any way it suits you. If you need more information about the 200 Day Journal – head over to this post!

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2 thoughts on “200 Day Journal-Prompt 74

  1. SMiles Folks Will
    Bond Over True
    And False
    For the
    Bonding Brings
    Within to all True
    There Is Dark And
    Light Empathy
    Of Love
    In Regard
    To False
    Of Human
    Prove This
    False in Light
    NoW As Truth
    Of DarK Will
    Always Refuse
    To See in Bonds
    Of Warmth in Dark
    Empathy And Love
    In False
    Always Now
    To Step out
    Of Group
    To See Truth
    In Light Now iS
    Love Finding
    No Place to
    Rest its Love
    But the Place
    Of God In Autotelic
    FLoW Never
    Of LoVE iN
    Light Just
    Not Lie🌲Beauty Courage
    Evergreen SMiLes🌟Star


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