200 Day Journal-Prompt 75

Hello friends, I am adding these words to go with my prompt for today. Apparently in my zeal to write ahead and stay organized in my writing life I somehow skipped ahead. Skipped ahead, as in, skipped the content for this post and apparently jumped right to Prompt 76 without realizing at the time. Since the posts are already scheduled in advance per my overzealousness- I have the images and all of the admininstrative stuff done, and just need to write the content in as I am able. Of course that meant with or without the written words, thus mentioned post went live… that’ll teach me!

That could be a whole other journaling prompt in itself, something you tried so hard to do right, or well that you just made a mess of it…or something that you didn’t even try to do or work for falling into your lap. So many ways to go when we put to pondering with paper and pen!

Meanwhile, resat assured, I am aware I am a work in progress! What a great prompt as we run to and through the finish line of 2020, God willing!

Prompt 75- It is reasonable to assume that someone one should be something worthier at the end of the year than he was at the beginning.~ Thoreau

Let’s just let this prompt do its work in us and leave it at that. Difficult to add to the words and thoughts of a renowned poet, essayist and philosopher of this caliber. I think this one can stand on its own two feet and preach a whole sermon in its statement. Let it take you wherever it leads you, and as always, reflect, write, and enjoy the journey.

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Dawn Paoletta is the author of Journaling for Discovery and Delight. Her writing is included in several anthologies and her poems have been included in the Wickford Poetry and Art Exhibit and Books. Dawn is currently working on her next book. Inquiries at dawn.paoletta@gmail.com

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