An Update on Journaling with John and More

May I Have a Word?

It’s the Monday after Easter and I wonder how you, dear reader, friend, fellow sojourner- are doing? Have Easter celebrations left you inspired or do you feel a bit wrung out of faith in the season you find yourself?

Well, I hope you will be encouraged in the knowledge that, regardless of where you think you’re standing, Jesus is able to keep you in all of the seasons you pass through. Our faithful Lord will not leave you high and dry, nor will he hang you out to dry if your faith feels like a big giant fail! He loves you the same whether you’re smiling or full of sadness, whether you’re hopeful, or fearful. Rest in this truth and lean on Him, who is always faithful. Be strengthened in His faithfulness!

The Journaling with John Series

This is where I have to take a deep breath and make a confession. I love journaling. I love the Bible. I love sharing my faith and encouraging others. I especially enjoy sharing these passions through the gift of writing as God leads. I love helping others in developing deep intimacy and trust in Christ. I know God has gifted me for certain things, but sometimes I get so darned excited about all the possibilities I forget the inhibiting reality of living out my one life in real time. Sometimes in my zeal, I get ahead of the Lord’s timing. It hasn’t happened in awhile. BUT, the reality is as much as I want to share the power of journaling to enrich, encourage and inspire your intimacy with the Lord, I realize more than that, I don’t want to compromise my own. By that I mean, I will not rush through my quiet time of personal devotion, prayer and worship to the Lord so I can produce a blog post. That is not what I am called to, this I know. Creating content takes time. Editing, research, revision and publishing take time. However when The Lord prompts me to share, I do like to be available. I felt a bit stifled once I set the blog schedule in advance. However, this is a secondary consideration compared with the general time constraints of my day to day living.

I thought the timing would be right to commit to blogging once a week on these two loves and this idea for Journalng through John came a few years ago. Unfortunately, after careful consideration I have to sidetrack from this journey and I am sorry to disappoint you.

The Bright Side…

I made some decisions around the time my mom passed away at the end of last year and in retrospect I realize they were made in moments of sensing the painful clarity of life’s brevity, not in the context of real time. I don’t regret these decisions and commitments. I am sure having them has helped me come through the deep sadness of losing the mother God gave me. It has kept me (mostly) from dwelling on the incredible pain of her last year, and the suffering and frustration she endured. These various commitments have kept me from overly analyzing and questioning what I could have done better, or differently to help her, to comfort her, bring her joy or peace…all gifts I know my Savior is capable of so lavishly giving. All things I prayed for her, hoped for her. Well, I suppose some of that is to be expected. No, I don’t regret these choices and God, I am sure, saw me and knew I’d run fast and hard for awhile…but eventually would have to stop and catch my breath.

What All This Means

Hmm….I ‘d say – it means this…I bit off more than I could chew, with my current commitments, and I don’t want to do a lousy job of it. I think my heart’s not in it – AT THIS TIME- not because it’s not a worthy thing to journal through each chapter of John, because it is…and to study, meditate and reflect on God’s word is my lifestyle – and probably yours. BUT I am not able to maintain the Saturday Blog Posts at this time on this topic with the enthusiasm I believe is required. Please feel free to proceed as you feel led, and if you do, let me know! I will happily cheer you on. I need to regroup and follow through on one of those commitments I mentioned.

Changes Ahead

One of the incredible endeavors I’ve committed to will allow me the joy of meeting a pioneer in the field of journaling. Kay Adams is one of the top three people in the field of journaling research and education. I’m excited to be heading into the Stage Two portion of training with the Therapeutic Writing Institute in Denver, Colorado. Stage 1 did take some of my time, along with my work schedule and other obligations! BUT, I am so excited now and look forward to sharing more about this incredible journey…as it unfolds! I do believe new adventures await…for you, as well as me! I will keep you posted.

Until Next Time…

Meanwhile, let me know if you will press on and continue to read a chapter a week in John, increase the pace of your journey or stay the course. Whatever you decide, I want you to know is OK. I am sorry to set aside this particular journey, but I won’t let you suffer a less than spirit led, from the heart – As I go, journey- as you’ve come to expect! I trust you understand. I appreciate you, friends. You have my word, that as God leads I’ll share. But when it’s clear I’ve stepped ahead of Him, I will stand happily corrected.

I am yours, enthusiastically, OR not at all! Would you have it any other way?


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