Advent Anew: 25 Journaling Prompts to Approach the Season

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I love the season of Advent. A season dedicated to waiting  with hope, while yet in darkness.

Still, we who wait are not really  waiting in darkness  at all…for hope has come to we who know the One who has come  to make all things new. Yet, all things are not yet new…and we reel in the reality  of broken homes, hearts and health while we hope in something we cannot completely grasp.

I confess,  I am terrible at waiting. I want what I want when I want it. Relief from pain, distraction from despair, and a way  through the darkness into a glorious light. I am learning to  be better at waiting, because of the One who holds me in the waiting.

Will you join me for 25 journaling prompts that I have written anew and share with you this beautiful season. Having gone through books and many wonderful resources over the years I felt I wanted to approach this Advent differently. Actually, truth be told, I was hoping to publish a special book toward this aim, but it will have to wait for next year, it is in the works but my first book is requiring my attention now! So, as I prayed and sought the Lord, I asked for something to have and to give, that was fresh and then I promptly wrote this list.

This list of journaling prompts does NOT go in chronological order…I have made only minor changes to the list as it came, because I trust that there is beauty in the mystery of the order they came in, and it will unfold beautifully as we write through them. Oh, feel free to mess with that order if that’s your own inclination! There are really no rules…just prompts, nudges, sparks.


  1. Learning to Wait
  2. Mary
  3. Joseph
  4. Genesis
  5. Animals
  6. An Inn
  7. Revelation
  8. The Wise Men
  9. Bethlehem
  10. Angels
  11. A Star
  12. The Curse
  13. The Promise
  14. Lineage
  15. A Donkey
  16. A Manger
  17. Elizabeth
  18. Gabriel’s Message
  19. Mary’s Prayer
  20. Hope
  21. Light
  22. Messiah
  23. King David
  24. The Holy Spirit
  25. Born to Us


How To Approach The Prompts


  1. Simply- Got 5 minutes? Good enough. Ten? Great. Do not burden yourself with more during a busy season. Give yourself the gift of burden free journaling! Set the timer, or light a candle. Be quick or linger. Just enjoy the joy of the journey and your journal. Keep it sweet, simple and in doing so, it will be a successful journaling adventure.


  1. Prayerfully/Meditatively- Invite the Lord to guide your journaling time however brief.


  1. Openly- The Beauty of One -3 Word Prompts- You can respond with a written verse that comes to your mind, or you can explore a specific passage of scripture. I am often led down the most beautiful paths as I explore the written word of God. Respond freely, as you need. Write from your emotions, write from your inner wisdom, write from your heart. Respond freely. Be open to what might come! Many of my poems arise from these journaling times. Creativity for your day and life is fueled and fostered in these moments. Be open to surprises that lead you off the page.  Enjoy the freedom of writing as little as a sentence, or  one page, or one scripture, or one thought.


One requirement above all: Enjoy!

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