Five Fast Journaling Tips and a Giveaway

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Here we are rolling through Write 31 Days, and I am still trying to juggle all the balls in my life at the moment and finding I have been dropping a few. But, maybe that made it easier for you to keep up with me? Ah well, here I am with  5 favorite quick tips  and a giveaway!



So to kick off our giveaway I want to share 5 tips for your journaling journey, and I want to invite you to share a few tips yourself in the comments, if you’d like.


Journal Tip 1: Date every entry

It may sound incredibly simple. But it is one of the most helpful identifying notes you can make for your journal entry, especially as time goes on. I try to do this with any of my creative works in my journal as well, so for instance collage, poetry, random ideas. It is a good way to observe your own creativity timeline and gives you insight into how you process and how that works its way into your life in real time.

Journal Tip 2: Harvest Your Journals

Re-reading your journal entries from 5, 10, 15, or 20 years ago is an invaluable exercise. I don’t do this every day, but I do it periodically. Sometimes it’s a seasonal looking back, sometimes a milestone might prompt it. But either way, I go back an look for the ways I’ve grown and am always surprised by what I find. Memories completely forgotten startled back into remembering. Often I find amazing things that I would not ever recall otherwise.

Journal Tip 3: Remove the Pressure

I don’t treat journaling as something for my To Do List, anymore than brushing my teeth. I take care of my teeth daily. As I take care of the teeth, so I refresh my soul, with the act of journaling. It is part of my BE-ing, not my Doing. This seems like a small detail, but I believe it is not. A To Do implies a pressure to get it done. But my “Being Time” is not a get it done mentality at all, it’s a freedom to just be that is invoked with journaling. I have written one sentence and realized I’ve not been up for a journal session, and stopped. There is no pressure in my journaling life. I also remain flexible in my approach. No formula, no format. My journal is for freedom writing, and it is all grace, a place of coming as I am, just To Be on the page with my thoughts, reflections and whatever will be.

Journal Tip 4: Glue stick and Scissors

Aside of a pen the only things I require are a glue stick and scissors. Journaling at times can be like scrap-booking  in the sense that I like to grab scraps from daily living and include them in my journal entries. More than purchasing ephemera, I prefer found pieces. magazines, brochures, junk mail, newspapers. Anything that I see and can take for free is up for grabs.

Journal Tip 5: Pick your Place

I spent many years writing in coffee shops and cafes all over our little state as I traveled and worked in people’s homes in addition to my own office located within a gym. I most often journal in the morning. I have a designated  desk and chair for most of my journaling time. But I also like to curl up on my soft chair sometimes as well. If you designate a place you are more likely to stick with a journaling routine, which will be in your best interest for personal growth and reflection.

What are your favorite journaling tips? Love to have you share in the comments! 


Now for the Giveaway:

One lucky winner will receive the Bandolero Wrap A6 Traveler’s Notebook  by Crisdori StudiosA winner will be selected through Rafflecopter on 10/31. This is open to all US residents. Enter below through the Rafflecopter Link :

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18 thoughts on “Five Fast Journaling Tips and a Giveaway

  1. Hi Dawn,
    My favorite thing you wrote on this blog post was to let journaling be a place of Be Time, rather than make it a chore. I have journals for years and often wondered I chi so. You put a finger on why I do so. Also, really enjoyed your video showing us a glimpse of your leather journal with images and found things. You are an inspiration to me. Thanks for offering this giveaway. FYI, the link in the rafflecopter to crisdori studios’ etsy store does not work. I did go to the store, though. Super beautiful journals, like little works of art themselves.


  2. I love to journal outside, and I live in Sunshine State we usually have the weather for me to get each day.
    My journal essentials are whatever current journal I am using as this varies. My favorite pen of the week, not only am I a planner tramp, but a pen tramp too. Colored pencils, glue, scissors and washi.
    I always journal during my Bible reading study time 99% of the time it is in morning.


  3. In addition to dating my journal entries, I note the time and location. I might journal several times/day, so I also have a record of where I was, when. I don’t go back through my journals, but after i die, if anyone reads them, they may see what effect times and places had on my writing.


  4. The idea of writing first thing every morning appeals to me, and I have given myself the liberty of referring to this time as my Daily Download, date and day included. Sometimes the writing is lengthy, other days not so much. The point is to write.


  5. Hey, Dawn, I think #3 is your bestest tip 🙂 I admit I’ve only journaled at certain times of life but recommend journaling especially when one’s soul is downcast/feeling depressed. It lifts the spirit if you can be honest with God and process your feelings.
    I also like to write travel journals/diaries of special trips.


  6. My journaling tip:
    When I first started journaling I thought my journal had to be done and look like everyone else’s journal. So not true! Looking at others can be a good place for inspiriration and how to get started, but allow your journal to blossom and grow to become your own. I have followed many people in the planner world for quite some time. Once I learned that I could change or not like things or just not journal one day it was a huge relief!


  7. I need to follow these tips! I feel like my journaling is suffering and especially my Bible study! Thanks for the tips! Xoxo ❤️


  8. I just love you Dawn, always so excited to see one of your new videos pop up. I love to journal in my rocking chair on the front porch with a steaming cup of hot coffee, especially in the fall (my favorite season). Thanks for all you do Dawn and thanks so much for this absolutely beautiful give away. My way of thinking…a leather could NEVER be too soft for me. I just LOVE it. God bless❣❣❣


  9. I journal in the evenings when the house chaos is quieting. I just can’t force myself to get up earlier in the am to do journaling in the morning. Plus at night I can look back on the day and reflect and plan for tomorrow. I have my favorite recliner that I sit in to journal about my day


  10. I really like the tip about letting your journal just be part of life! Taking care of me. Also I do practice harvesting my journals…no real consistent technique, but usually around the end of a month, I will read through my journal and mark places with a different colored pen or highlighter to remind myself of a topic I want to return to. I am thankful for you Dawn and our kindred spirit love of journaling!


  11. Hi Dawn, thanks for the great tips. I have a couple of journals I’ve started but I have a hard time being consistent. It’s hard to find time sometime & I hate it because then I feel guilty for not doing it & my quite time with the lord in my war binder sometime suffer too. I think I try to do too much in them, making them pretty and perfect. I think 🤔 I’m losing what’s important! Thanks for always encouraging us to do it!
    At times I have been in dark places & watching your videos and following your IG acct sure helped me. Thanks Amiga! 🙏😍


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