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For the love of journals and all things journaling, I bring my next post. Along with some of my most influential and inspirational books and people, I will be sharing  some  my favorite Journals. So let’s get this party started, shall we?


The first time I saw a “Traveler’s Notebook” on a video, I was completely UN- enthralled. A fellow planner pal went on and on about how great it was and I was mystified when I looked into what appeared to be a rather unassuming paperless journal, or more accurately journal cover. As a matter of fact, I laughed to myself, thinking, what would I want with a journal that has NO paper. This seemed ridiculous to me. Well, you know that saying about the one laughing last, laughing hardest?

Little did I know when I followed the rabbit down this particular hole how many tunnels and directions it would lead, how many wonderful creative and talented people I would encounter and how a little piece of leather with some elastic can be almost magical!

For those of you who may have never heard of a Traveler’s Notebook, it is basically a piece of leather – but can be made of fabric or other non-leather materials, which is made into the journal keeper’s preferred size and style. There are plain covers, and covers that are limited only by the maker’s imagination. Truly, these durable, refillable covers are in demand and can be made simply, or extravagantly. They can be created by children and artisans alike and part of their magic lies in their creation. Each TN, as they are called for short,  is as unique as the artisan doing the making.

In simplest form, a Traveler’s Notebook is made up of a piece of leather/material, and the thick elastic which holds a number of notebooks within the cover and then the outer elastic which holds the cover closed. There are many variations on this simple little creation. The cover can be loaded with any notebook style or paper preference that fits. So, possibilities for creativity seem to multiply due to this aspect of the covers.

Having wandered happily down and through these long, winding rabbit tunnels, with a bunch of fellow journal and planner people for the past few years (and yes, we are all crazy in here! ), has afforded me the luxury of seeing  a great variety of these beautiful creations firsthand. For someone who thought a Traveler’s Notebook was ridiculous, I certainly have eaten my words…and I’m still  chewin’!

The first featured TN maker I am sharing this month is Christine of  Crisdori Studios, located in Katy, Texas,  for you Texas loving friends. Christine and her husband, Cris have been outfitting her studio and making steady progress in offerings as the business evolves. Christine  is an emerging entrepreneur, business woman and fellow creative soul. She longs to develop and express her love for hand-tooled leather by offering quality craftsmanship now and a variety of designs yet to come. It has been a privilege for me to be able to see her dream blossom like beautiful flower. I recall a conversation over Facetime when she showed me the tools left behind from her brother and how she desired to honor his memory by using them, as she shared her early visions for the business- which is now a reality.

I am sharing a video of my Crisdori collection of notebooks which reflects some of the variety of styles carried. Christine has also offered a generous discount this month for my friends and followers, just use the code EnthusiasticallyDawn for 20% off.

If you have any questions about Traveler’s Notebooks, or want more information on how I use them, leave a comment below and I will be happy to share. If you have any questions about my personal Crisdori Collection, leave a comment below as well…and if you have a question for know what to do, right? Leave a comment below!

Stay tuned for a Giveaway announcement for Crisdori Studios Traveler’s Notebook later this week!

Meanwhile, enjoy the video, here or on You Tube. You can also see more of the many Traveler’s Notebooks that have passed through my hands on my You Tube channel . Thanks for joining in the journey, today!

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  1. I had the same opinion regarding Travelers Notebooks – until I saw one of your YouTube videos. You convinced me I MUST have one (or two or ten)

    I’ve contacted Christine and am ready to place an order! I think the Wine after Nine will be my first purchase. Thank you SO much for the generous discount offer. I’m excited!


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