What is a Journal to You?

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It’s Friday night, and I confess, I am sharing a few words that I wrote awhile back. BUT, it’s all grace, right? I was originally going to share from my morning journal…being the brave and crazy soul that I am. But, all the duties of life led me  down alternative paths. So the housework progress was  made, work  got done, and Saturday will be a beautiful writing time, and lingering with the Lord in prayer and rest. That being said, I challenge you to make your own list. Be spontaneous, my favorite way to write anything at all!

Prompts if you desire:

A journal is…

A journal is not…

I write because…

I don’t write because…

And last but not least: What is a journal to you?


Here’s my 2 cents:

A Journal is…

A place to just “be”
A place for me
A confessional, prayer closet, place of worship
A listening friend, and confidante
A therapist
A gymnasium for thoughts
A traveling companion
A life partner
An idea breeder
A springboard for plans and adventures
A cheeky sidekick
A reveal-er of truths
A keeper of secrets
A silent receptacle
A holder of hopes
A dream recorder
A roving reporter
A quiet comrade
A “not nosy” note taker
A safe storehouse for feelings
A refuge from noise
A cherished teacher
An enlightening guru
A possibility presenter
A worthwhile spiritual advisor
A personal guide
A qualified coach
A faithful hearer
A Spa for the soul
A play date for the spirit
A goal keeper’s treasure chest
Full of inspirational input
A miraculous map for living
The most effective life tool
A portal of potential
A solution creator for every problem
An answer to boredom

What is a journal to you?


Happy journaling!

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Dawn Paoletta is the author of Journaling for Discovery and Delight. Her writing is included in several anthologies and her poems have been included in the Wickford Poetry and Art Exhibit and Books. Dawn is currently working on her next book. Inquiries at dawn.paoletta@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “What is a Journal to You?

  1. I commiserate with all of the above. Yet what my journal has primarily been is a bitch book. As I’ve aged I’ve worked through a lot of the things I’ve bitched about. Some different things have come my way that are very hard but so too has fatigue. I used to write a lot. I miss it. But now, caregiving voraciously eats my energy. Unless one writes, one doesn’t know how much energy it takes!


  2. one of my favorite revelations about my journal was that is was my ever longed for “magic wand” in my journal I can dream and create worlds with words I otherwise would not experience


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