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It’s late and I am writing right up against the midnight deadline tonight…Happy Day 4 of  Write 31 Days! 

Tonight, you are on a mission. A mission to discover how comfortable you are with your own nakedness. Now, before you get your panties up in a bunch, let me clarify.

I’m not talking about physical nakedness…but raw, real, clean to the bone soul nakedness. Can I ask you a question? Well…another one, then?

Do you dare to bare your soul on paper? Do you bare it anywhere? Because writing your truth on paper will lead you to a slow but sure soul awakening. One you will never want to double back on, I assure you.

Above all else you must not strive to perform. You must not write for an audience.

You must free yourself of your own desire for approval. So this is an exercise…which will either weird you out completely or help get your pen rolling.

Do this exercise when you have at least 20 minutes.


First, give yourself the option to throw out whatever yo write in this session.

Second, trust the movement of the pen more than the thoughts in your head.

Third, enjoy the process…no matter what. It’s the unearthing of small stones that allow the big rocks to come tumbling down… breakthroughs can happen anytime.

What kind of breakthroughs?

Not for me to say, trust the pen and the flow of ink, and see where it leads as you think about the prompt. It is always acceptable to pray for wisdom, discernment and guidance as you write. I often let that prayer be my opening. Please do whatever you need to be open to explore and comfortable- even in the slight discomfort of the process.

Choose the prompt that prompts you…start in wherever it seems good.

What is the craziest idea you have ever had ? Why would it be considered crazy? Who would (or did) consider it crazy? Why?

What is the crazy idea within you now that wants to break through, come out, be birthed? How have you been allowing it to come forth? How have you been suppressing it?

Can you live with yourself if you don’t act on that crazy idea within you?

Go deeper…finish the sentence / answer the question with the first thing that comes, then continue journaling from that point, even if you argue with yourself!

What is the one idea that refuses to let you go?

If I don’t do_____________________________________________ I know I will regret it.

If I don’t try to______________________________________________ I will always wonder, what if.

Last option:

List every crazy idea you ever had – that you can recall. No rules, no judgement. Crazy being just about anything that seems crazy to you or did at the time. Good ideas, bad ideas, ideas that held you back and ideas the set you free- and the ones that transformed your life.

Can you trust the new crazy ideas within you now? Even if you don’t act on every one, sometimes seeing them on paper helps you connect with something you want to reconnect with, or sometimes helps you let something go.

Either way…I hope you are able to discover something as you write.






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5 thoughts on “Trusting the Journaling Process

  1. Hi Dawn! I’ve been out of the loop with the blogosphere…but oh so glad that you are writing and stoking the passion for journal writing…I gotta go visit my crazy ideas in my journal today! I’ll let you know how they’re doing soon 🙂 love and jor kel


  2. Dawn- Just wanted to thank you for the encouragement to pursue crazy ideas…I just signed up and joined the write 31 days challenge! Looking forward to October now!


  3. Dawn–and Kel,
    I am going to do this! Last option. First all the crezy idas I’ve had in 2017; then all the crazy ideas I can remember in my life. This thanks to your prompts, Dawn, and your diving into the challenge yourself, Kel. Methinks this could be very freeing… exciting… scary?
    Any which way, thank you!


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