When I was a Little Girl (Prompt 20/21)

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One. More. Day. Today is day twenty of our journaling journey. I’ve posed a question on my Facebook Page @ Enthusiastically, Dawn.– check it out and let me know your thoughts. Today’s prompt can be a lighthearted look at childhood. If you’re like my hubby, you have so many happy family memories, he always is bringing up moments from the past, and can be quite nostalgic. I have a mixed bag from my past…but that doesn’t mean I can’t look back and find a few rays of sunshine. I know that had I not suffered  many of the things I did, I would not be the same person. I believe we can find something to be thankful for even in a challenging or tragic childhood. I know  I have.

Join me for today’s prompt…

Today we take a walk down memory lane. Some of us have had happy childhoods, others traumatic. I know for me, despite the difficulties God’s hand was evident. Yet there are times He shows me there is still growth needed, thinking that needs correcting, healing that can go deeper. The wonderful thing about our minds and God’s grace is that we can train ourselves to seek out and focus on the good, not the bad. It is hard at first, but just as the light of early dawn grows brighter as the day goes on, the good looms larger and the bad is left behind in the darkness of yesterday’s memory, until it fades away completely into the past.

So, in your journal, before God alone, start out with this line…

When I was a little girl…

or, sorry guys- I’m not forgetting you, just need to step outside myself a bit, forgive me, will you?  When I was a little boy…

or When I was a child…

Let’s not get sidetracked. Make the prompt work for you and do not sweat the small stuff. The focus is on YOUR childhood…YOUR experience.

Ponder the opening line. See where it leads you. Stay with the it. Write what comes.


Rewrite your childhood. Write in everything you needed but didn’t get. After you do this, offer up a prayer to God asking Him to reveal how His glory is manifested in your life despite the painful reality…or even maybe because of the reality. Ask Him to minister to you and allow Him full access into any unhealed hurts, or long-term scars. Thank Him for His all-sufficient grace.


Revisit your childhood. But focus on one specific memory that pops in your head. Stay with it, and write every detail you remember; write out every description and detail you can recall. Try not to judge the memory, yourself, or any of it- just stay with the details and scribble them out. Observe it all as a silent, neutral witness. After you record all the details, see what is prompted. Reflect and write your thoughts.

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Happy Journaling!

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