Every Picture Tells A Story (Prompt 16/21)


photo credit: Mr. Ducke via photopin cc
photo credit: Mr. Ducke via photopin cc


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s a pretty lofty load of words for one picture don’t you think? But I will say, an image, painting or drawing can certainly stir our thoughts, emotions, and even arouse our physical senses. Perhaps there is some truth in the statement. Let’s explore this idea, shall we? Have you ever had a photo or piece of art inspire your words? Have you ever used and image to spark your creativity while creating, writing a story or poem?

Your weekend inspiration Video (You Tube): 



And your prompt for today:

Once as I sat checking out my Facebook feeds a friend shared a picture of her daughter and the family dog, silhouetted in the morning light, on the bed. The image so grabbed me, it inspired me to write a poem based on both my own personal feelings for our dog called “I Am Your Girl“.  A serendipitous creative moment.

Once for April Fools on my blog, I used an image of a robbery and as a writing prompt, and made up a story which made it sound like I was present at the robbery. What a response I got! The combination of image and words just were a hit.

Your prompt will be a picture from magazine, or printed from online, or feel free to use the ones in this post. (see below)

Cut the image, glue it in your journal.

Write whatever comes…


Perhaps you’d like to draw today, just pencil sketch something in your immediate eye view. If you are feeling inspired, sketch whatever sparks you. While visiting Maine, I spontaneously sketched the view of  the mountains and lake outside our cabin, through the window, from my favorite seat in the Living Room, in my journal. PHEW. Have at it! And don’t worry if you do not consider yourself an “artist”; everyone under the age of 8 understands you don’t need to be an artist to draw! Be 5, 6, 7 again. Drawing is required!

Here are a few images, if you are looking for something to inspire some fiction, or a memory, or something else…whatever! GO!

photo credit: Susannah van der Zaag via photopin cc
photo credit: Susannah van der Zaag via photopin cc
photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin cc
photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin cc
photo credit: ArTeTeTrA via photopin cc
photo credit: ArTeTeTrA via photopin cc
photo credit: Simson_Petrol via photopin cc
photo credit: Simson_Petrol via photopin cc



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3 thoughts on “Every Picture Tells A Story (Prompt 16/21)

  1. Thank you Dawn for the prompt today & the video. I at times did feel it another todo ( only a time or 2 not everyday when I slipped & got busy). Today I didn’t after this video for sure I will just jump in no guilt if I slip again.This is my first time doing this as you know , & this long. I have tried journalling on my own in past years only to fail by page 2 and never pick it up again. The prompts and having someone to share the journey with has been enjoyable for me and helped I never journaled this many days! I just cut out my first picture to paste in my journal for todays prompt. I am so excited about this prompt!!!!

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  2. Yes ma’am…Dawn, I am going to stop making my journaling a bully…I PROMISE!!! But, I AM going to WRITE!!! That is also a promise!!! I had FUN with this one the last time and pictured what was behind a gate…it WAS fun and I will find one to have fun with this year as well!!

    So, onward I go…WRITE ON!


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