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It is Friday and  I do have a video to share. This morning I sat at my kitchen table and wanted to encourage you on this journaling journey. My intention was a short video…I guess I need to work on that! However, I think you will be blessed by my sharing. Might I suggest you grab a cold drink, your journal and pen and sit with me? I will be offering a journal time at the eleven minute mark…so, join me?

Link to video:

And today’s prompt…

I remember watching the glee in my daughter’s eyes as she painted and scribbled her way through her childhood years. I have so many pictures of her painting and I saved way too many of her early scribbles, paintings, drawings and artistic creations. Art gives us permission to be children again, free from the limitations of adulthood for a bit of time. Free to be, create, and dabble in making something from nothing. What could be more exhilarating? 

This one today is for your artistic side…hmmm…let’s think this through. It is ok if you start in your journal but take it outside of your journal if inspired!

Take a Bible Verse and paint, sketch, collage, stamp, or otherwise create or RE-Create it. My friend Dawn Maurice from Heart Du Jour does this and if you want some inspiration take a peek. I really love her scripture doodles. I have shared some as well on my old blog in a Random Journal Day Post: Scripture Journal .

All that being said and shared: DO YOUR OWN THING!

Use whatever you have on hand, colored pencils, markers, pastels, crayons. Or keep it black and white.

Just have fun- I DARE YOU!


Write about a favorite artist or piece of art that is meaningful to you.


Take the prompt anyway you want.

So many options, so little time…BUT enjoyment, it’s mandatory.


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Happy Journaling!

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