Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Prompt 8/21)

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Stop, Drop and Write!

Write for just a few minutes…you’ll be surprised at what’s in your heart, mind and soul just waiting to be invited onto the page!

*Sharing a 5 minute video from this morning…hoping to join you in your journaling time in the days ahead…stay tuned!

Now for today’s prompt. 

I am probably aging myself by asking this question but here goes…do any of you remember the song Everybody Wants To Rule The World? You can click the link if you want to see a very ancient music video: ▶ Tears for Fears Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Video Dailymotion.

Well your writing prompt today may take you places you never imagined you would go. Or perhaps you have imagined it, as a child. Well, the fact is in our flesh we all want to rule the world. Or at least our own little world, yes? It is the nature of the beast, our human default. I want control, you want control and BAM- that’s the way the world goes round. Sorta…

Today you get to have a pass. Like a Pass-Go on the Monopoly Board. You get to rule the world. No you can’t exactly be God, Eve already tried that and we know where that story goes. However for your writing journey today, collect your 200 dollars and circle the board as you like, you have a get out of jail free card and the sky is the limit…

If I were Ruler of the Free World…


1. If I were Queen for a Day…

2. If I had Superpowers they would be…

3. Princess or Villainess

I feel a bit… Muahahahaha. Now, write, write, write! GO! Take the prompts wherever they lead, just be back by dawn! Snort.


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Happy Journaling!


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8 thoughts on “Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Prompt 8/21)

  1. New to this, Dawn. Do we post our ramblings here?

    My Superpower

    I would heal you. And me. Us. I would make us not enemies. It is hard to imagine trusting you. And you trust no one.

    I would wave the magic wand!

    No, that’s not right.

    I would do the magic thing, whatever that is. I would continue in doing good. Doing the right thing, the next thing. Each day, another step, and another. I would bring you candy. I would help you walk. I would go to your door and knock. Minute by minute, days in a row, from sunrise to sunset.

    I would continue until the ice broke, Mom.

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