Prophecy’s Son


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I wrote this poem this afternoon and am sharing it here today. My One Word for 2016 is Revelation and I could sense the rhythm of the words as they came to me…so, being it is Sunday, and I am Writing Redeemed, it seems appropriate I share this here today.

Originally, I thought I’d share the poem I wrote for my daughter to commemorate her 16th birthday, but I think I will hold off sharing it here for now.

May these words be meaningful to you today…

I also want to thank so many of you who reached out to me through e-mails and messages, telling me you are finding these posts are stirring you and speaking to you in deeper ways…I know this is a God thing, and I am grateful…and I pray that we discover His gift to us through the words He allows me to share here in this series. As always, I am with you on this journey. And He is with us. Thank you for being here.

Prophecy’s Son 


This gift of words

is not for me

to decide


to  judge,

or withhold.


But only, share.


This gift of words,

I did not ask for

except in one request,

that I might

Know Him.




That I might know intimately,

this One Living Hope,

who is the Word,

that came here,

crushed sin

crucified fear-

slayed death

freed the ensnared.




That I might make Him known

The Great I Am

this One on the Throne

who thwarted the plan,

of the enemies work

in this foreign land

bringing  Kingdom above

by  Mighty Right Hand

Through one Infinite  Love-

willing to shed holiness,

power and divinity

offering  his body and blood

to be nailed to a tree…


that all of mankind

would come to see


Jesus Christ was and is Divinity,

and Is coming again-

as stated in prophecy…

Soon to be revealed

once more in history-


Every knee shall bow, every eye will see…

There will  be no more doubt,


and all will know,


with Heaven’s shout-

and mighty show-

of Ancient of Days,

and Prophecy’s Son-


This  Revelation

is for everyone.


This gift of words,

I did not ask for,

except in one request,

that I might

Know Him.


This is my story…this is my song. Writing Redeemed, all the day long.

I am Writing Redeemed in October for 31 Days, 

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