Santa for President!

photo credit: North Pole "ADMIT ONE" Ticket via photopin (license)
photo credit: North Pole “ADMIT ONE” Ticket via photopin (license)

No matter how you feel about Santa Clause he is pretty unavoidable is some shape or form. I never really remember much about Santa growing up, and as a mom felt uncomfortable simultaneously telling the truth about Christmas while also perpetuating a lie about a jolly, old fat man sneaking into our home and leaving gifts.

I honestly took a lot of heat for my decision, but I am sure it was somewhat tied to my history and experience with childhood sexual abuse ….either way, it felt inauthentic to indulge the Santa thing as a parent. I have multiple Santa stories to share because of my choice, and I am not a Santa hater, honest engine! My hubby adores the nostalgia of Old St. Nick, and especially vintage Santa ornaments and decoration…don’t opposites always attract?

 Prompt : Write a letter to Santa Claus as one who believes, or as one who does not. Write it from a child’s perspective or as an adult. Write as yourself now, or as a fictional person. Explore St. Nicholas, and write how you could adapt one small lesson from his life. Convince Santa why you should really be on the OTHER list- whichever other you prefer. Write an Open letter to Santa. Write a poem about him. It’s all about Santa, today, so tell Rudolph to tone it down.

How about if Santa ran in the nextpresidential election?  Spend 24 hours on the campaign trail with Santa, or three months in the North Pole with him as he develops political strategies to change the world and outshine all political parties…what do you do? What does Santa stand for? Against? How will he run against his opponents?

This prompt requires fun, silliness, imagination and it can be whatever you want it to be! Take any of the above or get extra support below.

Run, Run, Rudolph:  Dear Santa… GO!

Travelling Light: Any favorite Santa memory. Go for the details. or Dear Mall Santa

Going Deeper: Bring all things in to the light of the present. Sometimes the timing of events can create a memory connection which is negative. For instance, a childhood loss  around the holidays past  can make a present day sadness if not brought into the light through honest expression. Sometimes the only safe place to go  with these memories and thoughts (especially if others are unwilling) is to journal and seek God’s comfort in Jesus.

Christmas Creatives: The fun of Santa from stickers, cards, doodling, paint, sketch…that sleigh and eight tiny reindeer? Oh, On  Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen! Have at it…Vintage, contemporary, futuristic. As one who loves collage, I love the idea of creating a Dear Santa, collage…philosophical style.

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  1. You are amazingly creative, and I love these post prompts. I’m with you in that we talked about Santa as a fun legend, but centered our Christmas around the Real Thing, (not Coca Cola either) But lots of great traditions and connections built around this time. Blessings to you this Christmas! We’re up in your part of the US (Catskills) so where’s all that white stuff I’ve heard about last year???

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    1. I know, right? Well, I am hoping snow…and people around here don’t like when I get serious about my snow hopes…lol. January! Or sooner if I get serious about inquiring…lol. Enjoy your holiday! Last year the snow was non-stop…


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