Journaling with Christmas Cards

photo credit: Day 354/365 : 10.12.13 via photopin (license)
photo credit: Day 354/365 : 10.12.13 via photopin (license)

Today’s prompt is simple, especially if you are a Christmas Card saver. First you’ll need to gather all your Christmas cards together, or at least your most recent. Then you will have a chance create in your journal or maybe create a new journal all together!

I save and need to purge my Christmas cards…I actually need to purge a lot more than my Christmas cards but that is a story for another day…

Your Prompt (s) for Today: Look through your Christmas cards old and new. As you go through them you are looking to find one that either prompts a memory or stirs you from within for whatever the reason, be it imagery or sentiment.

Place it on the table before you. Sit with it a bit, Springboard your writing from either the words and message on the card, in whole or part or the imagery or the people who sent the card itself! See below for more options.

Run, Run, Rudolph: You will choose one card, place it before you and journal about why the card is meaningful as mentioned above.

Travelling Light: Try staying with a theme and piece together a story or string of memories from or relating to the images, or words communicated on the card or if you gathered a few seasons, you can choose one particular family or friend to focus on by placing their cards from years past before you and journaling the memories you’ve shared together over the years. Another option is to  bullet journal a list of all the reasons you are thankful for the person (people) along with some of the highlights of your friendship.

Going Deeper: Focus on praying with your pen for  the cards you’ve received. As some cards may be from loved ones near and far, close to the heart and distant, perhaps pray the harder prayers, of reconciliation, salvation, grace- truth in love. If there is anything between you and the sender, lift the person up before God and allow His love and mercy to penetrate as needed. Seek to start the your New Year off on the right foot, by asking God to give you His heart for the people in your life. If your cards seem too many, ask for the Holy Spirit to help you to focus your written prayer on one or two people to pray for in-depth. You could also pray for each card and journal the prayers that God leads you to go deeper with specifically. There is no right or wrong way. Do what seems reasonable and sincere.

Christmas Creatives: You could gather the bunches of cards and leaf them into each other than use the rubber band to create a flippable booklet of Christmas cards by year. OR create a junk journal with them by sewing them together. You could use the cards to create a fun Christmas Journal. I have not done this yet (for Christmas) but it is on my list of “want to create/try”.


Cut and collage them, creating your own Christmas themed prayer, or page.


cut and glue your favorite images into your journal or cut out words or one theme from many words and journal using the words/images or in response to the words/images.

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2 thoughts on “Journaling with Christmas Cards

  1. I LOVE this idea Dawn! I didn’t follow your 12 days prompts but will have to save this so I can do it with my cards. I started several years ago creating a one-page pocket page in a special scrapbook just for Christmas…actually, the page had three “pockets” that I could slip several cards into. On the facing page, I took a Christmas “theme” or idea – “stockings were hung” or “Christmas tree” or “Presents” and made a page to correspond with the cards. Still have stuff together to do last years; guess that will be the first thing I do once Christmas cards are done…get last year’s and this year’s cards into the scrapbook!!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Oh my! I love this and know just what to do–but really. In ONE DAY???? No . . . this will be my ONLY journal prompt since it will take me a couple of days to work it all together–with photos, too. Gah! Hope to have it posted by Christmas. You should do a special link-up after Christmas where we can all post our favorites in this series. Alas . . . I should have but one to post–but it’ll be a dilly!


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