The Journal (Guest Post by Bethany Taylor)

An image of Bethany’s Journal I snapped after Writer’s Group.

Today I am opening up my place in the Blogosphere for another share from my talented local Rhode Island Writer’s Group. Bethany’s exquisite poem about her journal, not to mention that she brought the Red Beauty to class with her, made this hard-core Journal Keeper jump for joy. I asked her if I could share it with my online community and she said yes! Hooray for journal keepers everywhere!

Fellow Journal Keepers, consider this your reminder that Random Journal Day takes place THIS Friday! Yes, it’s that time again, so rummage through your archives and get that tattered page ready, I’ll be looking forward to peeking into your journal. If you have never participated consider this your official invitation. You can find out more by checking out the Journaling tab or just click here.

The Journal

Long breaks of unannounced silence,

until we meet again.

We will meet again.

Pen on paper never ceases-

Born to it, and for it.

Sanity drips like ink,

it stains these pages.

With and without emotion,

I may read these things.

They ring true…

Even when so very false.

A red book, a red string-

Marking my words,

the good and the bad.

A piece of me,

on a piece of paper.

Secrets, and hopes,

and anger, and happiness.

Released from my thoughts,

purged of that which needed purging.

Some ways of thinking never leave,

until your pen spills them out.

Thanks for catching my words,

and keeping them safe.

I will not forget,

as long as you remain.

©Bethany Taylor

Bethany Taylor is an aspiring author who has been writing short stories and poetry since the age of seven. She is an advocate for Autism Spectrum Disorder, and spends a lot of her free time volunteering in her community, reading, journaling, and dreaming up stories. Bethany lives in southern Rhode Island with her better half, John Cooper, and her son, Chester. Keep your eyes out for Bethany’s upcoming book, yet to be published, named, or written, but definitely coming.


Look for more of Bethany and the wonderfully wordy other local RI writers in the upcoming 2014-2015 Anthology by the Neighborhood Guild Creative Writer’s Group (coming soon).

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  1. Love Bethany’s poetry! And I can see why your journal-self went ‘bonkers’ over the RED JOURNAL!! That is why I have so many blank journals…because when I see them, they appeal to me, and I HAVE to buy them!!

    Thanks for sharing!


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