Beginning of the End (Guest Post by Jack Barry)

photo credit: Poppy field in Doncaster via photopin (license)
photo credit: Poppy field in Doncaster via photopin (license)

Today, I am bringing to you all another share from my wacky, wonderful and amazing Writer’s Group. Um, the wacky component probably is my part, so let’s leave the wonderful and amazing to the rest of the authors, dreamers and friends I hang out with most Thursday mornings, when life isn’t throwing me another curve ball.

Jack Barry is a local legend in these parts, especially noted for his feisty offerings of politically provocative prose which will certainly gain a rise from you one way or another. He is well-loved in our group for his wit and quiet but faithful presence. Last week he surprised us all with a poetic offering. Which only leads us to believe, there is nothing Mr. Barry can’t write.

Beginning of the End
Don’t worry
A little dirt won’t hurt you.
This is just the beginning
Soon you’ll be out in the sun
happy, growing up
Soon you’ll dance in the wind
And feel the rain on your face
soon you will smile
A most beautiful smile
I’ll smile back
Not so pretty but so proud
I will bring you in
To share your beauty
a bit longer
When you finally leave,
don’t worry
A little dirt won’t hurt you
We’ll meet again
When the snow melts
When it’s your turn
to help a new seed
find the sun

©2015 John Barry

You can read more of Jack at his blog: Campfire Tales and Other Lies

Jack Barry’s Bio in his own words: A few years ago my kids urged me to write the stories I told around the campfire at our family campsite in New Hampshire. I suspect it was an attempt to gather material that might help in the defense of their own sins and misdemeanors. Although I started writing for my kids, I now write to see the smile, hear the laugh, see the knowing nod when someone reads one of my stories. I now write to chase that moment of almost physical pleasure when I find the lightning word or phrase. It doesn’t matter if the lightning is not in the same sky as Mark Twain’s.

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  1. Jacks poem is so moving and hopeful! I love it! Thanks for posting and giving another chance to feel it again.


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