Seeking the Lord with Pen and Paper


The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. 

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalm 34: 17-18

I hope that you have committed to be with the Lord each day for this journey. As much as I do not want to speak too much into your times, I do not want to leave you on the path without encouragement for the journey as you seek this good thing. So let me share with you a bit about my time seeking Him with pen and paper.

Life does not always offer us ideal circumstances, perhaps that is why some of us try so hard to plan. We want to feel like we have some control over the way things go on any given day. I traverse this balance cautiously. I have walked long enough with the Lord to know that planning is good, but trusting better…even crucial. How can I plan my day and then hand over my plans with the words, “Not my will but your will, Lord.” if I don’t trust the Lord, who holds all the plans of man in His hands? How can I trust Him if I don’t take time to know Him in prayer and by seeking Him in His word?

I wonder what your Love Language is? Have you ever wondered what God’s Love Language is? The idea about the way people give, show and receive love called Love Languages are based on many factors such as experiences, personality, communication style and even areas of talents and gifts. I read the book years ago, but gave my copy away. Maybe my love language is giving things away! I think that would be under giving/receiving gifts, but I have forgotten, I will have to re-read it.

Something about the way my week has gone has me thinking about the differences in communication styles among people. How it is so easy for one person to share an expression of love or try to communicate something and have that expression or communication completely misunderstood, misconstrued, or even missed completely!

The beauty of our God is in Him nothing is misunderstood. He is clear on us and able to clearly communicate with us His heart and desires for our lives, interactions, decisions and relationships. There is no misunderstanding with God, on His part. You never have to worry that He doesn’t “get” you. He created you! He gets you full well. He wants to teach you. He wants to teach me. As a matter of fact He has provided all we need for this dynamic to happen.

I think that one of my greatest gifts is the Faith that God has given me. I choose to live my life always looking through the eyes of the faith I have received. I do not believe I am  overly spiritual, but I just give God my OK to use ALL of my life, every area as a classroom for Him to teach me. So everything in my life, always comes under the category of Training in Jesus 101. Because this is the lens I view life through, I show up to class each day to check in with my teacher. I sit with pen, paper and open Bible. I listen. As a matter of fact I listen more now than talk compared to the earlier days of my walking with Him. I read scripture passages, I ponder them, I ask Him what He is talking about, or how He wants me to apply scripture to my life. It also leaves the door open for Him to teach and correct me through others, circumstances, experiences and conversations. Most of my poetry is written after meditating and reflecting upon scripture.

Sometimes people are intimidated when they think about Journaling and when they consider journaling for spiritual growth. But friends, journaling makes me a better listener of God and a better writer. They work in tandem. When I write in my journal, I clarify my thoughts before the Lord, in turn He communicates, corrects and coaches my thinking which in fact improves my communicating both His thoughts and my own more clearly. Phew! Anyway, I hope I have not lost you yet.

Let me put it simply: God speaks through His Word. Writing is a vehicle God uses to draw me closer to Him. You can have this same connection through writing to and through God. 

Remember these things: You do not have to write a lot of stuff in your journal to Journal your journey with Jesus. Some days, I have journaled a sentence. Sometimes, a paragraph. A scripture that spoke to my heart. A confession. A list of Thanksgivings. A plethora of praises. A quote from a devotional or something I am reading.

Follow where He prompts you: Scripture applies to our lives. The Holy Spirit will guide you to the scripture you need for your life in time.

Give God “Full Access”: Ask if there is any area that is off-limits to Him whether by accident or design and let Him speak to you about changing.

My Journey So Far: I have been in Titus, as I mentioned in the earlier post, but the next day God swiftly brought me to re-read Romans 12-16 (If you follow me on Facebook I bet you could already tell!) I had just read the Book of Romans the last week in March, but God redirected me back for further reflection and admonition. I give Him  thanks for His grace, Spirit and Truth. OH, and this afternoon, I have been meditating on Psalm 34.

I promise my next few posts will be shorter! HOW are YOU doing with your journaling journey so far? Please let me know how I can help you in your journey in the comments below or if there is something you want me to address about details of quiet time, Bible reading, prayer, seeking Him. I hope this has been helpful. God bless you on your Journey, my friends.


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Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

18 thoughts on “Seeking the Lord with Pen and Paper

    1. Me again! I think I have worked through my struggle…through prayer writing! What a novel idea?! I asked for QUIET so I could get into the Bible and devotion books I’m using and the scriptures in Titus (and others God showed me!); as well as the 1000 Gifts I am also doing…seems to be quite a lot; and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. BUT, thanks to God, these past two mornings have been QUIET just at the times I was sitting down to get started…and the gifts? Well, I dwell on them all day to discover what they may be!

      Thank you Dawn for the encouragement and keeping us in His Word!!


    1. I was hoping no one would ask this…I alluded to that in my last post…I think I should address this BECAUSE I know there must be others like me (who is like you!) and I know that I am able to get deep with the Lord…despite my adhd, severly distracted tendencies. I guess that is why I am sharing the way I am…but perhaps some in depth strategies and practical suggestions about how I have been able to do this would be helpful. I think that was both a statement and a question, what do you think?


  1. Doing well working slowly and savoring it. I also guess I didn’t realize that we are not following a set schedule for how we read….but that makes it so much more fun because I don’t have to add it as something more to read. But pondering and lingering over the areas where He leads me.


    1. Deanna, Hearing Him clearly speak into the particulars of our lives is exactly what we are after-without our time with Him being part of a list we check off. Relationships do need to be prioritized but a wise person once told me “People are NOT projects”. God is not our project (ie another thing to do…and thankfully He considers us children not projects as well!) Your savoring and following where He leads sounds exactly on the mark! Hope that mades sense.


  2. What I had done, as I wrote in the previous post, was read Titus, chapter 1, then wrote out what the Holy Spirit was nudging me to write of. It began abit roughly, but as I went along, it got a wee easier.I also, understood what Paul was conveying to his protege, Titus.


    1. Feel free to use study helps if you so desire. I do use them at different times. Just depends. I do Bible Study outside of my devotional times often BUT sometimes I combine. Let the Spirit lead and guide you into all truth!


  3. having made the commitment to journal the journey these next 40 days gives me something to aim for…it’s easy for life to get too busy…today I had one of those days, but I brought my journal with me, set the timer for 15 min and just wrote whatever God put on my heart…I was led to a Psalm for today instead of Titus…but I want to get back to Titus there are some sweet nuggets of truth and grace in there for me…I have become on of the older women who are to “teach good things” oh my where did that young woman go! 😉


  4. Wow! I love the way you write! I’ve been very lax in both journaling and reading, I never have been good at journaling but I used to be much better at reading but life or lack of motivation or whatever seem to sneak in and steal my good intentions. Really need to get more focused. Thanks for the kick in the pants and encouragement to be more intentional about doing both!


  5. I have been struggling with reading from the Bible as I need new glasses. I have been reading what others share with me online. Where I can enlarge the print.

    My daughter has bought me a journal. I really need to start putting something in it. Thank you for the beautiful reminder that God will help me with all my troubles.

    Bless you!


    1. Sandy, May the Lord Himself, keep you in His peace as you seek Him. May He guide you to His pure, unadultered truth and may His grace abound in you.

      I am so glad your daughter bought you a journal. I know you will be blessed on this journey. Did you know that the Bible in many forms is available online and for free through many applications? Even copying and pasting one passage of scripture onto a document and enlarging, may help you in your meditating on His word, or just writing one scripture a day…That is coming up in the next week! See I gave you a sneak peek ahead! Best wishes on this endeavor. 😉


  6. I just don’t know what to write… I’m reading Titus and trying to absorb what it says but I don’t HEAR it saying much to me. I’m re-reading it again today for the third time… Maybe three is a charm?


    1. First of all – it is wonderful that you are reading the word and persevering. Might I make a suggestion to try? And there are MANY ways to approach scripture. But, one thing is to come to your journal as you would prayer, offering Praise to God and thanksgiving, confessing any known sin, and asking for any hidden sin to be revealed that it may be confessed, and then just asking God to show Himself to you in the words you are reading. Or ask Him to speak too your heart through His Word and by His Spirit. Sometimes (like today) I don’t write, I just offer prayers to God, and meditate on scripture. Some days, I write and write. Sometimes just a scripture. Sometimes prayer. Don’t fret about it. And don’t let the blank page intimidate you. Go ahead and write out even the simple prayer asking God’s help. I will address this in upcoming posts. Thank you for an asking! May God bless your time seeking Him in His Word.


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