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It would only seem reasonable that I had to write a poem about planning… so this tumbled out of me and found it’s way into my journal during the last week of Planner Boot Camp. I dedicate this to all my Planner Peeps!

As we celebrate the end of the 1st Official Planner Boot Camp, I have a drawing for my PBC Graduates for a Planner Goody Pack (Rafflecopter #1) and a separate drawing for a “Keep Calm and Carry On” journal open for ALL (Rafflecopter #2)!

Keep Calm and Plan On…and one more thing…be sure and Journal the Journey! 

A Planner Prayer

Today I made a plan

and thought it rather grand,

until wiped clean my page

stirred within me rage.

I know I should not fret

over what’s not happened yet,

still I prefer to know

what I’ll do and where I’ll go!

If it was left to me

I’d limit spontaneity,

conforming time to my schemes,

my big ideas and dreams-

for I’ve been told

when I grow old

my biggest regrets

will be aspirations unmet.

So, if it’s up to me

to be Master of my destiny

Then I’d better prepare

to daily dare,

to live life aware,

not in fear.

Let me not waste the day,

in any way,

Hear me now,

Lord as I pray.

©2015 Enthusiatically, Dawn

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Dawn Paoletta is the author of Journaling for Discovery and Delight. Her writing is included in several anthologies and her poems have been included in the Wickford Poetry and Art Exhibit and Books. Dawn is currently working on her next book. Inquiries at

27 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Plan On…

  1. I loved your poem and the modified Serenity Prayer for the Planners. I also loved the idea of consecrating ones Planner. I would never have thought of that but I will be doing it. Thank you again for all your time and sharing your thoughts on planning.


  2. I wanted to add that I truly enjoyed PBC and would participate in another if one should come up. I learned to take a good look at my planner and see where my time was being used and wasted. It also showed me a snap shot of my life. 🙂 I got some great tips on how to tweak some things and make priorities that were to be consistent ones. Thank you again.


  3. Thanks so much Dawn! I so enjoyed being part of PBC and our wonderful planner community. I really learned how to make my planner work for me! My pages aren’t all pretty with cross outs and changes, but I can say none of my bills have been late! LOL.


  4. So, so loved your PBC. You really revealed a level of planning that I never would have thought of. Now I know why no planner was working! Now I have a planner that will work, and the right attitude to go with it. I’m so grateful!


  5. Thank you so much Dawn for this wonderful experience. I have learned so much about myself about my good and very bad habits when it comes to using my planner! I know that my planner journey to find complete planner peace is one of my goals I see now that right now in my life I do need daily pages so I can focus on one day at a time and stop getting over whelmed with what next week or next month might hold! I have to be 100% honest right now for the longest time I thought you were supposed to use your planner like a journal. I would get frustrated because I would have no more room to write in appointments. I have seen the light I know now that I do need a journal as well as a journal section in my planner a place where I can reflect on how my day truly went ( A No Holding Back Section)! I would love to enroll in PBC 2 there is so much I want to learn an share! Thank you so much for having me…. I Did it I Graduated from Planner Bootcamp!!!!!


  6. Congrats, Beautiful lady! I am about to film a video about my updates and hope that helps you as well…the daily pages give me room to reflect but as you saw- a journal is needed as well for true planner peace (if that is possible) my journal gets my guts, my planner keeps me focused! Thanks for joining in!


  7. Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful boot camp! Yes, I would consider participating in the next round if that’s allowed! I liked the opportunity to look at planning in a whole new way… would welcome the chance to gain something new the next time round! 🙂

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  8. Dawn I just saw when I submitted this post to Stumble a while back its trending with 2717 views in Stumble according to my stats! Yay! Whats your name in stumble? I will add you as a friend! I will be sure to submit your posts each time I visit! Any time you want to submit mine by clicking my Stumble button at my blog I appreicate it!

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