The Writing Life (Stranger than Fiction)

photo credit: Anne Worner via photopin cc
photo credit: Anne Worner via photopin cc



This morning my eyes opened and I lay in my bed between the sleep state and the “get your butt out of bed now” phase.

I never hit snooze on the alarm, in fact I usually wake before the alarm ever goes off.

I am a morning person. I am a late night person.

No, I’m not (really) two-faced (except on Facebook) but I actually am both a morning girl and a late night chick…

because a Writer writes when the muse visits otherwise the Writer will not be living a writing life.


Which explains why this morning I lay in my bed debating (foolishly) whether to get up for the journal I left in my living room, or if I rummage around for paper wherever it may be found. The fact remained, I was not awake enough to discern that I did have a notebook close by, instead my muse came a knockin’ with no consideration for my morning routine. Which is why I am going to be real brave now and tell the truth…despite the ridiculousness of it.

In the morning, what my muse does not realize is that at 50 years of age,  the morning bladder routine is important. As I pondered whether to let the words slip past my radar (gasp) or whether to move into the “get your butt out of bed now” phase, and write them down quickly before they evaporated, the priority was narrowed for me.

The usual circus show of me stumbling down the hall with two cats and a dog in tow- yes, we all file into the bathroom- began as usual. For some reason my pets feel they need to witness and monitor my morning routine daily. Close up and very personal. It’s either undying love and affection or more likely a way they ensure the next phase of the morning routine, which includes their breakfast. Either way the bladder dictated the moment. But I, the ever dedicated journal girl, snatched a pad from my desk as I passed the office en route to my morning destination, the Porcelain Throne.

Yes, I really did. And a pen. Naturally.

The words flowed freely. I’ll just refrain from commenting further as you ponder that thought.

I stayed the course completing a poem that refused to adhere to the boundaries of my schedule. I mean what about my morning cuppa?

So, my friends, do yourself a favor and keep that journal close at hand. For one knows not when the muse will come, nor where she’ll venture to go to get it done. Let your pen always be ready. Let your paper be available. Shun her not, and she shan’t shun you!

Have you ever had words come at the most inopportune moment?

Do you capture them or let them slip away?

I’ve done both…

but this morning when the muse came I discovered that she truly knows no bounds and where I go…ahem, she IS more than willing to join me to get it done.

What’s the strangest setting you’ve tried to jot down words when they came? I am sure I am not the only one who writes (in my head) while driving, showering and at the most inappropriate moments. I try to behave…I really do. But what’s an aspiring writer to do?

Your prompts for week 2:

Day 8: Prompt 8 – Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Day 9: Prompt 9 – Art Pass

Day 10: Prompt 10 – One Day Visit

Day 11: Prompt 11- Rich and Famous

Day12: Prompt 12 – Literary Love

Day 13: Prompt 13 – 24 Hours  With God in History

Day 14: Prompt 14 – Your Perfect Day


If you are participating in 21 Days of Journaling in January and have written about the experience or prompts on your blog please leave a link below.

Did you have a favorite prompt this week? What are you learning on the journey this week?

Respond in the comments below!

* Please note: These prompts were originally offered as 21 Days of Journaling in June. I also am planning to do a giveaway for all who participate. Stay tuned.

On your mark, set, JOURNAL!

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Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

15 thoughts on “The Writing Life (Stranger than Fiction)

  1. Haha! Loved this post Dawn! I miss you! But this is why I always have a tablet and pen on my nightstand. Otherwise I will lie there and convince myself that the idea is SO GOOD that I will surely not forget it…but then it keeps me awake as it twirls around and around in my head trying to not get lost before morning. Better to grab the pen and do some scribbling. The next task is to translate and decipher my scribbles in the morning light!

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  2. Dawn: This entry made me laugh. If you believe that at age 50 the internal anatomy dictates your early moring activities, just wait–it gets more involved. I have those times when I want to lay and rest (or even sleep some more.) But I know I can’t until I take that walk to the ‘necessary room.’ I have two journals I’m keeping this year, one for praises (1,000 gifts) and one I call Insights.

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    1. I have two notebooks of 1000 and that is a nice way to write snippets without feeling the need to write an essay. Look forward to all of your “insights” from journaling as always, Cecelia!


  3. I can so related to thoughts “coming and going”; I don’t have a notepad or pen at my bedside but I think I need one!

    This past week, trying to figure out something to write for the Fairytale prompt, I was babysitting for my 5 month old granddaughter…she was asleep in my arms, and part of the post started forming – my problem was, do I TRY to lay her down and risk waking her; or do I just sit here and let her sleep – she is hard to KEEP asleep once she is lain down! Well, twice I tried to lay her down – and managed to jot something down, enough so I could remember it!

    And as for “writing” while on the Porcelain Throne” (or reading)…yep, been there; done that! My first stop in the AM too (and all during the night)…

    Thanks for sharing! Enjoying this 21 days of stretching my brain!!

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    1. So glad you are enjoying the prompts, Barbara. I will be writing alongside you this week, as my last entry (in June) was Feast or Food Show…I hope they offer enough freedom that no one feels stuck. I tend to think outside the box…like I never know where I will end up, but often it is not where one would expect! Happy Journaling this week!


  4. Ha ha! Yes, I have the same problem with two cats and two children. So funny, but at least you were able to multi-task and both do what your body needed you to do and let inspiration flow! 😉

    So I just recently started a Saturday writing prompt. Its called “Saturday’s Notebook”. You should stop by sometime. 🙂

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    1. Hi Heather, So nice to see you here. I am woefully behind in my linking up and keeping up with blogging friends since October. I feel I am on a crazy treadmill of BUSY in real life…but will look forward to getting there at some point! 😉


  5. I had to laugh at the thought of your cats and dogs witnessing your “morning routine”. I often have words come to me late at night when I am in bed. I don’t have a note pad by my bed, so most often, they slip away. But then there’s the odd chance that I remember them. Sometimes I will grab my phone and make an obscure note, but they I read it and wonder what it’s for. Oh midlife!

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  6. Oh my! The visuals were great! Yes my writing ideas almost always come at the most inopportune times. Thank goodness for notes on my phone or the quick snatch of a piece of paper and pen. Blessed you shared at The Weekend Brew. Mary

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  7. Dawn- This is too funny! But so glad you captured your moment, no matter what! I have done three out of the seven prompts from last week…I wrote a letter to my future husband telling him what I hoped for us in the future (of course, this is to my current husband 🙂 and then I wrote an acrostic for Kokomo the boat dog on my notes app on my phone, while we were doing errands the other day…and I finished the on an ordinary day prompt in my regular paper journal…I love the creativity of your prompts…I am also following Lisa Sonora Beam with her January FLOW promots…so the muse is flowing over here and at the blog mostly these days 🙂 Thanks for spurring us on oh wielder of the pen, finder of the paper and always available to your muse…you shan’t be stopped! Love-Kel


  8. Here’s my acrostic for our sweet puppy girl…

    Kindred spirit,
    Our newest
    Kanine that acts like a kitty
    Made her way into
    Our hearts purely.


  9. This was a fun post! I admit the thumbnail (at The Weekend Brew) caught my eye and I HAD to know what inspirational post would have a picture of a toilet to go with it. 🙂 I’m not a writer, but yes I do some great thinking and reading in the bathroom! haha!!


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