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Of the many things that bring me joy consistently each new year, I must say a planner would be in my top five list. I have enjoyed and appreciated a few in my day, but I think I can say The Woman’s Success Planner might be the best one yet that actually challenges me in new ways from the planner/planning perspective. I want to share with you how I stumbled upon this excellent planning tool which encourages women to step out on their own journey of joy.

My New Year in a box!



Back in November of 2013, I made a strange discovery: Planner Videos on You Tube. Hot diggety Dog, I fell into a strange trance and found myself dirtying a lot of dishes so I could watch the videos while washing dishes…guilt free. Of course there are only so many dishes one can wash, and there seems to be a vortex of Planning videos to get sucked into on any given day. Needless to say, I was smitten with planner love. I felt compelled to watch planner videos, while applying washi tape (YES, I was introduced to that addiction from these crazy planner people!) and pondering the many reasons I needed to STOP biting my cuticles and nails (To make my own planner videos, of course) and the variety of nail polish colors available to the discriminating polish aficionado. The result was a makeover to the current planner I carried…and it was rather frightful in retrospect (Check it out HERE).

During this time I also discovered a very thorough video (by Pen Pixie) review which  intrigued me enough to cause me to pause, sit and take notice (and notes!). I still have the extensive notes in my planner. I noted this information but decided to stay with the planner I was using already using  as it was a Birthday gift from my BFF. In June I begin using a disc-bound notebook system and loved the freedom and flexibility of it.

Fast forward to October, 2014. As I began pondering planner pages for my new year, it wasn’t long before I felt that I needed to try for myself this system and see if it was right for me. What makes trying the Success Choice system so easy to explore is that you can purchase by the quarter! That made it a reasonable, practical and accessible investment for me. I figured if I liked it, I would know before the end of the year and I could either buy another quarter or go ahead and dive in to a full year based on how well I was utilizing the system.

Well, first off I want to tell you that as of this writing, I have actually already purchased 2015 Planner Pages. Since I am currently using a disc-bound system, I ordered the loose-leaf, un-punched option.  I am really enjoying the features, and looking forward to growing into some of them that I have yet to utilize, as well as adapt to my needs as they change in the days ahead. I further purchased the Address Book and am looking forward to incorporating it into my Planning System in the new year as well.

This planning system is extremely comprehensive yet, versatile. The Logo for the Woman’s Success Choice is an 8 petaled flower that represents areas of balance in a woman’s life. I find the system is one of the best in creating and supporting a woman’s goals in life. If you read through and work with the information presented, goal setting, planning and action are predominate themes- but in the context of balance, order and joy. This planner has features that can help women not only in the daily planning of tasks but in the broader vision for their lives.



The Success Choice Logo represents: choosing to bloom (flower) amid your challenges (swirl) in your continuous journey (circle) toward perfection (square). Please note that it is understood (and stated) that no one is perfect and that Joy comes in the journey by accepting responsibility for our lives and choosing our attitudes and actions!


The eight “Areas of Balance” that are focused on are: Spirituality/Values, Emotional Fitness, Health/Physical, Learn/Create, Relationships/Family, Finances/Self-Reliance, Serve/Help Others, Organize/Beautify. Each month has a section for you to write out a focus, goal or  intention in the stated areas. This helps to remember we are not human doings, but human beings, with dreams, goals and aspirations uniquely our own. If we do not make time to cultivate them, who will?

Planner Pages for December

The Planner: There is a monthly view; master task list (called Monthly Tasks) then a monthly goals planning page (pictured above); kind of overview of the week page (also pictured above); weekly view on three pages ( a little different BUT it works great), End of Week Review; Notes and then you begin again! Goal prompts, task tracking for chores, shopping, hydration, diet and more are built right into the system thus freeing us up from creating elaborate tracking forms. This system is so comprehensive that once you begin  using it, you will find it really does support your success. YOUR success, YOUR way! There is enough freedom within the structure to keep the most distractable planner person or planner rebel (helllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooo) on task. Supporting joy in the journey is the goal. To this end there are reminders and ideas that redirect you to YOUR stated goals, the monthly focus and positive choices and attitudes, and encouragement to maintain habits and build traditions for you and your loved ones. To really see the features and how they can support your goals and growth in the upcoming year, just head over to the site and check out the details!  I recommend clicking on all the links about The Success Choice Woman. I did!

Journal: Although I have added my own creative touches (as you can!) I love the journal prompts and monthly focus themes enough to have laminated them! Last page of Journal Monthly Focus/ Journaling Prompts: October through December.


The Journal: One of the reasons I love this system so much is for the way the complimentary journal coordinates with the planner. It is the best of both worlds. The Choosing Joy in the Journey Journal  offers journaling prompts that support reflection and growth as well as coinciding with the  planner’s monthly focus. The journal pages are numbered and there is a categorized index.

The focus this month (December) is Be Joyful. Both the planner and the journal have quotes, journaling prompts and inspiring suggestions based on the monthly focus. As most of you know I am a BIG fan of journaling and am excited to say, I think this is one of the best reflective journal opportunities for newbies and regular journal keepers as well.

One side of the Journal is lined and the other is unlined, which is great for those who like to doodle, collage, brainstorm, sketch or otherwise create. Each page has a quote. I washi taped the inside edges instead of trimming, so as not to lose the space.




Currently the Journal is available in Spiral bound or hole punched. I have requested an un-punched pages option be made available. I did go ahead and punch mine. Although, I can see someone buying and using these journals with great ease in accessing and archiving them by keeping them in spiral-bound form.

There are a plethora of gorgeous covers available.You can see some of them here. The one that Pamela sent for me to enjoy was the  Autumn Blaze Felt & Leather Cover w/ Elastic Closure  and it is quite divine. I did put my discbound set-up in it and found it could accommodate the smaller discs but since I have been using 1.25-1.5, it will not work for my planner style for now. However, if you like the spiral journal or planner system set up, the covers are both excellently designed and reasonably priced. I may use mine for my Address Book, or for another Arc style notebook in the future. The leather covers are beautiful. If I was sure I could accommodate the discs I would love to own one.

I will do a mid year review (or sooner), after I have been using the planner for a bit longer and can better assess what has been working and what has not been. Currently, the majority of features are working well, and there are some I am implementing in January (such as the journal). I do find the weekend columns a bit small (they are about half the size of the Monday through Thursday) but I am not one to sweat the small stuff.

Quite honestly, I believe when it comes to planners, it’s all small stuff. One must not get sidetracked by the small stuff. Using the planner and implementing the aspects that are useful, helpful and supportive to our lives is the point. Not looking for heaven on earth in paper.

The interactive website and useful information provided with both this planner and journal make them a unique and powerful offering in the realm of planning, goal setting and success. I am so on board with this system I am dedicating myself to coaching a group of those who invest in the planner or journal and are seeking support.

Additionally, I really love the positive affirming messages presented in both the company website and Pamela Henrie’s articles for the Daily Mom Click.

 Disclosure: I received a Journal and Cover for review purposes BUT I invested in the planning pages and address book myself. The opinions expressed are my own. I also want to thank Pamela for her graciousness in giving, and also in her open willingness to indulge my enthusiasm.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Success Choice Planner! I wish you planner freedom and happiness in the new year! 

*Join me for more on the Success Choice in upcoming posts: Choosing the Joy in the Journey Journal Review; Address Book Review, and an Interview with owner Pamela Henrie.

** If you decide to try the planner or journal (or any of the Success Choice products) Pamela has given my readers a coupon code for 15% off.

Coupon Code: enthusiastically

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  1. Each year I start out with a new “planner”; mine is not as extensive as the one you describe – but it sounds AWESOME!! I bought one a bit larger this year – although I usually keep it in my purse; this may not work with a larger one. My intent this year was to have a place in my daily/weekly calendar to write info on blogs posts I need to do – trying to keep myself on track with my writing! I have tried using more than one calendar/planner – one for work (no longer working!); one for home and one for my purse…but it becomes a bit difficult to remember to put info in the “other” one!! Thanks for sharing this planner! I also need to purchase a new address book and have decided to go to the 3-ring binder type for ease of addresses changes – my current book has many of them crossed out and new addresses added! As always, enjoyed your post!

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    1. Katie if you use the code enthusiasticallydawn you should receive 15 percent off! Please let me know if you have any questions…Also do not hesiatate to email me if I can help you in any way. I actually stopped using the SC but can tell you I used it for awhile and really appreciated it!


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