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It’s coming to the end of one year and the start of a new one, alas the Holiday Season is upon us! What better time to share a few of my favorite things for journal keeping joy and planner passion. Today, I am featuring one of my favorite planner/journal accessories from a fellow planner aficionado I have become friends with through our mutual love for planners.

I picked up my first Arc Notebook this past Summer and have been on quite a journey ever since. Let me back up to November of 2013 when I actually somehow stumbled onto You Tube planning videos…and my life will never be the same! I am not sure what prompted me to pick up the Arc Notebook system originally, but I finally decided I needed to explore the odd looking disc-bound notebooks. Shortly after I bought that first Arc I made a of my own first planner video, in which I shared my disdain for the rubbery planner bands available and for the general purposelessness of a planner band at all.

Enter Karla Stimach. I met Karla (In cyber life) through the Arc Planner Addicts page we both belong to on Facebook. Amazingly enough at the time there were @ 75-80 members. Karla, who enjoys sewing in her free time to relax (this fact alone actually actually inspires awe and wonder in me..ahem), began creating planner name bands for herself and to share. I saw the bands get popular very quickly, but did not think that I needed one. Until the day I got my first name planner band as a gift that the planner world calls a RAK, which is when a fellow planner person sends you some sweet little goody (ies) in the mail. Karla sent me a beautiful blue embroidered name band which I put it on the teal Arc I was using and my life seemed complete. Sigh. I became a Planner Band convert! Ha!

The Planner Band allows all things to remain within secure and also gives a finished look to the planner. Once I used it my planner felt naked without it. I know, planner madness here, but there you have it! When I have dropped my planner, one thing I appreciate is it is less likely to open wide and spill any loose stuff out with the planner band in place. It also looks great and compliments the planner you are carrying or could just highlight your favorite color. I now believe planner bands are functional, fabulous looking and validly useful.

When Karla recently asked what kind of phrase I would like to have on a band, I pondered. As a quote lover this is a torturous kind of question. But as I thought about it, I just thought the words “Keep Calm and Plan On” were short and fun enough to want to see on my planner. As you can see Karla also did a fantastic job with my Blog Planner Band. So, short quotes, names, titles, could be sewn onto a band for your journal or planner.


One additional use of a Planner Band is to hold pens. Pictured  below is a two pen loop holder planner band which I am keeping on my current journal. Karla has created a number of unique and beautiful planner bands with pen loops.



If you are interested in purchasing a Planner Band for your Planner or Journal, you can visit Karla at her Etsy Store: NamesByKarla. She will be happy to create a planner band that suits you! Also a Planner Band makes a great gift accessory for the planner person in your life, and also a great stocking stuffer!

Stay tuned during December when I will be sharing a few of my Favorite Things all month long!

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  1. Wow, these look really neat Dawn. I had gone to Art Mart (maybe this is just a st. L. store) to locate a band before our trip to Europe. I’d wanted it for my travel journal. I bought those that are made specifically for SMASH journals. But after I took it o.o. the packaging, it had such a hideous “rubber” odor (which btw, got all over my hands) that I had to chuck it. Thse look super. I coudln’t tell what size planners they will fit or if there are shipping charges beyond the $10. Oh sigh…….I didn’t get back to your contest in time. I’ve been sick all week in bed, and it just went by the wayside. But it was a lovely planner indeed!

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    1. Lynn, sorry you are under the weather, hope you feel better asap! If you contact Karla she is super nice and easy going. I am not sure of the shipping charge, but the bands are lightweight so probably not much. And she can accommodate specific sizes if you let her know.


  2. I charge $1.00 for shipping in the US & $2.00 for international. I can make them any size you like. I’ve made shorter ones for Hobonichi planners. Just tell me the length you want and I will customize. I’ve also made some a little bigger for extra thick planners.

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  3. Ohhhhh – wow!!!! I am soooo going to order one. And she ships internationally? I rarely see that these days. I am so excited. (I love planners….and paper in general – its pretty much an obsession with me….)


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