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I like wine. I like the Word of God. I like when a person can take a subject they know well, bring powerful truths to light, and communicate them clearly enough that I may benefit. When I was asked if I would like to read and  review Kurt Sense’s Wine and the Word: Savor and Serve my interest was piqued. I was curious. I am certainly not a wine connoisseur, so I wondered what  I might learn about both God, wine and whatever else this author had to share about the connection between wine and our Spiritual  lives.

Dr. Senske  certainly brings both challenge and insight to the table with his insight and experience with wine and vineyard lessons. The vine, wine and grapevine are referenced well over 500 times throughout the Bible in literal and figurative ways. What an excellent possibility for conversation and sharing of truth about something common to most. Each chapter focuses on an aspect, feature or lesson from the fruit of the vine or  our Christian faith and weaves together thought-provoking points that teach, edify and enlighten on many levels.

I learned a few lessons about wine, but more so the very real context of the Vineyard and Vine that Jesus alluded to with regard to his relationship with believers. Although Dr. Senske considers himself a wine enthusiast, not an expert, he certainly shares much valuable information that this simple girl appreciated.

“I have a great interest in wine and its life cycle, ” Dr. Senske says, “It’s such a privilege to share insight with readers about how the subject of wine can provide a roadmap of how to live our lives more fully.”

Having visited a local vineyard recently, I was amazed at the depth and beauty in the metaphor, as I recalled the tour guide’s comments further impacting my appreciation  of reading this book.

So much of our faith lives is reflected in the growing, tending and harvesting of grapes in the vineyard. If you’re a wine enthusiast or someone who appreciates digging deeper into the metaphors and meanings used in scripture, you will greatly appreciate this small but insightful book.

I would add the size and appearance make it a great gift to give with a bottle of wine for the upcoming holidays or any occasion.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from this excellent read:

“Strange as it sounds, our spiritual life is rooted in defeat-not as an end in itself, but as the path that leads to ultimate victory.”

“Longevity of life is not our ultimate goal as Christians. The length of our days are to be measured by the breadth and depth of our actions.”

“Where is the gusto with which we rally around our favorite sports team when it comes to those on the fringes of society? What is missing in our life that prevents us from living out a “feverish allegiance” to Christ.”

“The Gospel of Christ animates us for holy living. By it, we come to know the peace that passes all understanding and are given the grace to be content in any circumstance. When we remain in Christ, every encounter becomes a lesson in the practice of love.”

Easily one of the most interesting and satisfying  books I have read in a while! Quite delightful to the palate.

From the Publisher:

“In the pages of this 128-page hardcover book by noted author and public speaker Kurt Senske, the art and the miracle of wine, coupled with the vivid biblical imagery of the vineyard, open a lens onto God’s abundant grace, and, in turn, onto our lives as disciples that we might savor God’s blessings fully and serve those around us with great joy. Open this book and let the rich message of the goodness of God pour over you and into your life.”

Available at all major book retailers.

You can learn more about Kurt by visiting his website:


All opinions expressed are my own, I was provided a book in return for my honest thoughts, which I have shared here.

Thank you to Sara at Shelton Interactive for providing this book in exchange for a review.


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  1. I had to laugh out loud when I read the title of this book. My husband was joking this morning about starting a new Sunday School class at the local bar to study the wine in Jesus’ time. This comes on the first Sunday we’ve been able to be in church in 3 weeks. He is out of the hospital from having brain surgery & finding out that he has glioblastoma. I thank God that his (Dave’s) humor has not left him. I thank God that He (God) has kept us strong & will give us the courage to face what lies ahead. It’s not going to be an easy path, but we will make it through & spread the wonderful news of salvation along the way with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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    1. I should send this to you to enjoy! It really is good, and could be wonderful to read together as you two continue to walk through this season! Much love and I do not know what a Glioblastoma is…will look it up. Love and prayers for continued health and humor!


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