Anticipation-Are You Ready for 21 Days of Journaling in June?

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“For any writer who wants to keep a journal, be alive to everything, not just to what you’re feeling, but also to your pets, to flowers, to what you’re reading.” May Sarton


Consider tonight and tomorrow your Pre-Conference Workshop. You know how prior to a conference or event there is always a bit of action BEFORE the  start date? Well, I  am so antsy and excited that I wanted to offer you all the same. Consider this the Prequel. The Pre 21 Days of Journaling in June (JIJ) workshop, kick off, lead up, whatever you want to call this post is fine with me. Because I am antsy and excited…and apparently repeating myself. Did I mention I am excited?

OK. Anyway…

Today, I curled up with this book and gave myself some extended grace after the past few weeks of crazy.

I’m almost finished with the Book of Mark and prayer time was more quiet trust than lament for a change. Is this the calm after the storm? When we walk through the day, assessing the damage, and thank God for the momentary break from trials, while awaiting the next storm. And all was peace, grace. The laundry didn’t get done, the dishes did but really at the end of the day does it really matter? But tuning in to what we need…it matters. It might just save our life.

I walked the dog and saw the most exquisite bloom of pink that awoke my senses to the beauty of the day…and the fact that I needed to go easy with myself, and those around me.

I love the quote above by May Sarton and just thought of how well it spoke to my day of reading, resting, reflecting and what a perfect kick off quote for our journey!

I am thinking of the many of you who have contacted me and decided to join in, and am greatly encouraged by all the enthusiasm. I confess I am a teensy bit nervous now. So saying a little prayer and asking the same for all of you to be inspired, have tender surprising moments, as well as laugh out loud epiphanies! I just hope and that you enjoy the journey and in 21 days feel more ignited to write however that looks for you.

I decided to decorate my Journal tonight…a little fun creative christening of the notebook I will be planting my words for these prompts along with you all. Do you have your journal or will you just use whatever you are journaling in already?



If you like the quote, perhaps you might write it (or another favorite)  in your journal along with your thoughts about the upcoming journaling journey.

If you feel led tonight or tomorrow here are some things you might do:

* Decorate your journal, the opening page or cover, if you like.

*open and date your journal and write the quote above and what comes to your mind


*write about  your thoughts of anticipation as you ponder the 21 Days of Journaling in June


* Three things: What are you reading, what pets are you loving and/or what beauty from Spring ministers to your soul most.


*Feel free to do none of these at all and wait for Prompt 1 on Sunday, June 1st.

Happy Journaling, Friends!

*For More INFO about 21 Day of Journaling in June:  HOVER your mouse over the Random Journal Day TAB at the top of the Blog Page.


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15 thoughts on “Anticipation-Are You Ready for 21 Days of Journaling in June?

  1. I’m very excited for you, Dawn, in lauching your journey, and for all of us who participate. Wow…..what journal?! That is a really good question, and I have several on hand here. And it’s always been a struggle to me to know whether to have one continuous journal (which obviously is replaced once it’s filled) or dedicated journals, which I tend not to complete (just found one tonight in fact while decluttering my closet–ugh). So . . . I think I will just go w/ one journal and providentially, as it so happens, it will be a new one, b/c I have nearly completed the current one. There are two schools of thought on this. I tend to flow w/ the late Madeleine L’Engle and poet Luci Shaw who use just one and see their life as a seamless whole… whatever they record is chronological. Thanks again for all your ENTHUSIASM! It’s a great word for you,.


    1. OH Lynn!!!! You will be joining in? I am feeling so ….terrified now! OK, excited BUT OH, I hope I do not let you down. And about the whole continual journal thought…I agree most of the time…I do keep the seamless journey. But lately I have been keeping various seperate journals. Which I have VERY mixed feelings about…I was going to write a post about that soon. BUt mostly I have always kept that same seamless ongoing ramble including works in progress of poetry, posts, writings, thoughts, and whatever els comes. Love and hugs…excitement overload at the thought of you being here. 😉


      1. Oh you are just so sweet, and you make me smile! It’s I who stand amazed at you and all you are doing here in the name of Jesus and Journaling! You’re incredible! I can’t imagine your being terrified of me! Goodness.

        And yes, I totally get what ou are saying about this decision. It is a really hard call, and likely one must experiment (though I always maintain that there are no rules to journaling! 🙂 I can see the advantage of a really specific “work” you are doing–such as this twenty-one-day adventure–and really hoping to capture it in a special place and have it all in tact, without having to wade through other posts. It’s truly a dilemma. But this is right for you now, so I would just go w/ it.

        I don’t do FB (have an acc’t that I have never used! :), so I will just follow you here. THanks again for your grace and hudspah in doing this. You’re wonderful.


      2. I guess terrified does not really seem appropriate for you…lol- a bit dramatic…but very glad to be seeing your words regularly here. So let’s change terrified to humbled AND overjoyed. That’s better. 😉


  2. BTW, I love the cover you decorated. When I use artists sketchbooks (which I mostly use), I decorate the inside covers.


  3. How exciting that this adventure is going to begin. I am so glad that I found out about it.
    Since I read your post I have been conflicted about the one or the many:). I went and found the journals that I have laying around the house and am looking at them right now. I have to go with what I have as I presently live in Guatemala City and do not have new journals available. As I am moving in under 4 weeks back to Canada for vacation and then on to Vietnam I have to take the weight of everything into consideration also. I really think that for an event and journey like this one that I will use a seperate journal. At least that is my plan for right now. I think I would prefer to have everything altogether for these 21 days rather than spread out through my other writing.
    Looking forward to seeing where God is going to lead.



  4. I’ve popped in from Barbie’s link, you’re right next to me. I’d love to know more about your journaling group!


    1. Hi Elizabeth, if you want to know more, hover your mouse over the Random Journal Day Post Tab and you will see a prompt for the 21 Days come up to click, you can find more about both at these places. Or feel free to just join in with your journal anytime!


  5. Hi Dawn,
    Read your post last night and had a journal in mind, but woke up this morning thinking of a different one to use. (Is that normal to wake up thinking of journals???) Anyway, I have my first page set u with the JIJ title, your name and web address (for when I look back years later), and the quote…and I used ink colors other than blue/ black (my norm). A great start for tomorrow! 🙂


    1. Of course it is completely normal to wake up thinking about journals. Welcome to my world! lol. I so look forward to the journey and hope it is a fun, refreshing journey for all my writerly friends! Glad you are joining in Laura. THanks also for switching with me for the 5MFF post!


  6. Yep, I have done none of the above, although your decorating your journal has me thinking….but who knows if I will find the time to actually complete this before the end of our journey. Although I will at least consider it and I have ideas…just to find the time.


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