Things to Know about 21 Days of Journaling in June

photo credit: avrdreamer via photopin cc
photo credit: avrdreamer via photopin cc


I am so excited to step right out into the unknown with you, friends, as we journal our journey together in June. I wanted to share a few things about the journey as well as what to expect here in the days ahead. So let’s get down to some of the details and if I leave anything out be sure to leave a question in the comments below and I will answer!

1.  Daily Prompts: Between June 1st and 21st I will be serving up a prompt for you to explore in your journal. With each daily prompt there is at least one alternative prompt to help inspire that pen to have at it one way or the other!

2. About the Prompts: I drafted these prompts in my journal during a brainstorming session in January of this year. I will be writing and participating along with you! After participating in a couple of art and journal challenges which I enjoyed, I felt that I would like to host my own. The prompts themselves vary greatly from silly and fun to deep and reflective. There is no right or wrong way to tackle the prompts, let the prompt lead. You might feel led to write a poem, or a short paragraph. You might feel led to sketch, doodle, collage or springboard off in an unanticipated direction with your pen. YAY! That’s OK. Inspiration happens when we stop worrying about getting it right or fitting in the box but instead just explore wherever it leads. 

3. What’s Needed: A journal and pen. Period. BUT, you are free to use whatever you’d like. You can used lined sheets or blank, an altered book, or scrapbook. Whatever works for you. A few of the prompts offer an alternative creative prompt for those who’d like to play but, a pen and journal is all you absolutely need.

4. Random Journal Day DARE: If you are new around here, each month we Journal Keepers gather together and dig through our journal archives to share a snippet, snapshot or page from journals past (or present) in a link up called Random Journal Day. This happens to fall during our 21 Days (June 6th) so feel free to stop by and join in with a past or present journal excerpt if you’d like. Or just visit and get to know our little bunch! For the July 4th RJD – I double dog dare you to come on over and join in with your favorite prompt from the 21 Days- or a journal share of your choice. We also feature a Journal Keeper monthly from our little community and there might just be an sweet giveaway at the June RJD…shhh! Details soon!

5. Social Media: I do not need one more thing to do this month and I am sure you don’t…even if it is fun and good!  I do not want to have a special page on Facebook for this journey because it gives you and me another to do and I want to keep this simple, fun and inspiring! However if along the way you want to share thoughts, hellos or anything else about the journey we could use the hashtag #21dayJIJ to connect on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Does that make sense? No pressure and not required.

6. Finding Spiritual Whitespace: I am part of the book  launch team for Finding Spiritual Whitespace , the new book by Bonnie Gray of FaithBarista! I am thrilled and excited as Bonnie is one of my very favorite kindreds on this journey. Her new book is an invitation to “move beyond surviving” and journal toward healing, self-discovery and rest. How could I not love her and her brave new book?  I promise to share more during our journey as her book serves up its own plethora of reflective prompts ( I just adore the word plethora, for your information). Stay tuned, K?

7. Blog Schedule: I will be holding off the Sunday Posts (check in for quiet time posts)  as to not overload you with multiple posts. I mean, I know you love me, but too much of me might not be good…despite the enthusiasm. What you can expect this month: 21 prompts- one a day; Book Review and thoughts on Finding Spiritual Whitespace; 5 Minutes for Faith Contribution on the 26th. I hope you will enjoy hanging out with me this month!

Last but not least remember, GRACE: Give it to yourself, please give it to me! We need it…As we receive, we give. So breathe in grace and it will surely permeate  our words as we share the journey!

Are you ready? Do you have your journal yet?

Speaking of journals, Congratulations to Deanna of The Pure Sacrifice who won the Journal Giveaway!

Please share this post with Journal Keepers you think might enjoy the journey!

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32 thoughts on “Things to Know about 21 Days of Journaling in June

  1. I may just stop by the dollar store myself when I’m in town today & give that a try instead of doing a computerized journal. It’s been a long time since I wrote out more than a brief prayer journal with a pen & paper or done more than a scrapbook journal.


    1. Already have tons of colored pens, pencils, & markers! 🙂
      In fact I’ve already started journaling in it! Today’s Proverbs 31 email devotional was about having courage & stepping beyond our comfort zones. This journey isn’t totally beyond my comfort zone — but the one I’m taking beginning in October certainly is! And I feel God is leading me into your journey in preparation for that one. Thanks for being one of His instruments Dawn!


  2. Dawn, I’m looking forward to this – I think I need this. At first, I thought it already started…because, of course, right? So, I’m glad I am not already behind! I know which journal I’m using, so I m ready to go. And I’m signing up for your blog emails (thought I already was) so I don’t forget each day. Don’t know what the prompts will be like, but I think I need to use this to spend some time with God. Thanks Dawn! God bless!


    1. Hooray! The prompts are pretty random…some deeply spiritual, others a bit lighter. It will be an interesting journey for sure…and one that God will absolutely use, I believe, uniquely for each one! Thanks, Laura!


  3. I’m ready. No new journal (of course–you know me!), but pen’s at the ready. By the way, I adore the word plethora, too. And myriad. Not to mention permeate. But then I am a word about words…:) Carolyn


  4. I love the fact that we do not need to share anything more than what we want to, and it does not become one more thing to do. One can easily fit in a prompt, when one might not be able to fit in a blog post. Curious to see where this journey may take us.


  5. cool. sounds like you will have a pretty cool journey in june…
    will have to pop in and see where it takes you…smiles.
    hope you have a wonderful summer.


  6. Dawn- You know I’m in for this! Just the right pace for June…I am working on my summer journal…you inspired me to go decorate its cover now!


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