My True Beauty Book (RJD Link December)

For this last share of the year for Random Journal Day, I am opening up one of my favorite journals. Before the internet, and an abundance of books, I purposed to create a special affirming journal. Because it is helpful for me to write, not just read words, I dedicated a journal for scripture which would help me learn and focus on my identity in Christ. I call it my Beauty Book, but in reality it is a True Beauty Book, which goes beyond the superficial.

There are three parts to this spiral bound journal and I recently decided to finish the last portion which is focused exclusively on the names of Christ. I no longer remember where I picked up these particular reference sheets (pictured), but since I save everything in Binders, I have them still!

 Part one, is My Worth in God, section two is Who I Am In Christ, and the final section is reserved for the Names of Christ. Each section simply states the topic, or title and the supporting scripture.

I have considered going back and writing thoughts or payers on the pages. There is room on many of the pages to allow commentary, reflections, etc.  This journal was especially helpful to create and reflect on in times of discouragement or adversity.

I have a number of journals with meaningful scripture as the writing is key for me. Combining the physical act of writing scripture verses helps me to focus completely, body, mind and spirit on the meaning; it marries me to the verse. I also am a big fan of index cards, but a journal dedicated to scripture, handwritten is really a special gift I like to give myself, and sometimes others!

Have you ever created journal for specific scriptures, meaningful to you?

Linking with Random Journal Day for the last time for the year! If you have a journal, please join us! 

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9 thoughts on “My True Beauty Book (RJD Link December)

  1. This is a wonderful way to journal. I can see you have referred to your verses many times…I love to look back and see what God was teaching me back then, and why…and re-learn all over again those same things as I face new challenges in life. Thank you for this thought provoking journal idea. Love it. Happy Last Random Journal Day of 2013! Can't wait to see what 2014 will bring!


  2. This is a wonderful idea, Dawn. I also just plain love that your 'Beauty Book' became deeper and more powerful than simple beauty by what is contained within IT. And by what it's changing within YOU. True Beauty both ways. Thanks for this wonderful idea.


  3. nice…i have a few journals…like a whole shelf full actually…its cool to look back and see what we have come from…what was important to us in that moment…


  4. Dawn- What a great plan to go back and revisit a journal that has encouraged you in the past… I started the Luke journible and found that writing Scripture brings more insight than just reading it…I need to get back to the practice of writing Scriptures…


  5. As to RJD…here are some song lyrics to tell you how I feel about you and this lovely link-up…Don't go changing to try and please me….I love you just the way you are…”


  6. Thanks so much for that input, Kel! Appreciate that. And I wanted to let you know that some are having trouble making comments on your blog. Not sure if it is just random, or you can do anything about it but wanted to give you a heads up! Thanks again for the input!


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