Brandon Thursby: Creating Rocks You Wear and a Stone Jewelry Giveaway!

Brandon Thursby owner of Rockyouwear

    Brandon Thursby likes rocks. Apparently he likes them even more than I do, because he actually loves them enough to create amazing, custom designed jewelry that men and women can share and wear out of the stones he finds locally. I am featuring stone cutting artisan and rock loving owner of RockYouWear, Brandon Thursby with you all, and know you are going to enjoy meeting this gifted Rhode Islander. I recently had the pleasure to meet up with Brandon and his girlfriend, Sam, at a crafts show and had the chance to ask a few questions and check out many of the beautiful stones he has crafted into exquisite necklaces.

    Brandon started experimenting with rock carving about two years ago. He was inspired to design something unique for himself to wear that wasn’t overly feminine, and also derived from nature. You might say jewelry design is in the genes, as his mom also designs jewelry and ornaments, using locally found sea glass, as well as various other mediums. Initially borrowing his mom’s tools, Brandon fashioned a unique stone necklace which grabbed the attention of others, and gained him such positive feedback, he decided to create more. Not only did stone carving bring him enjoyment and satisfaction, but Brandon’s hobby offered new opportunities. As his hobby and collection grew, he decided to invest in his own tools and seek to establish himself in business.

    Brandon is inspired by nature, particularly the ocean and being a Narragansett resident offers him plenty of local inspiration! Combing the shores of Southern Rhode Island, as well as the Saco River in New Hampshire, provides Brandon with the stones he can transform into artistic jewelry pieces. Brandon commented,  “It (rock carving) is relaxing, I get to use my own creativity. I like seeing the transformation of a plain, beach rock into a perfectly shaped piece of jewelry with amazing design, beautiful designs, throughout.” He gets those random ideas for design that “pop into my head” or are inspired by his surroundings. He also tries to think of shapes that represent sea life, beach and nautical themes.

    Brandon’s work recently underwent it’s own transformation when he had the opportunity to participate in a workshop taught by Michael Boyd, a nationally renowned jewelry designer, metal-smith, and lapidary artist. Brandon showed me the stones he created before the class and his work since the experience. Although all of his work, is lovely to behold, he pointed out that he is aware of different tools and polishing techniques that have helped him refine his craft and the quality of his work. My untrained eye was able to discern a subtle difference in the sheen and shape of the stones. Artist and art are ultimately in a state of perpetual growth, change and transformation, after all.

     In addition to the designs in his collection and Etsy Shop Brandon also does custom designed work. I love the detail that Brandon brings to his work. The fact that this jewelry definitely appeals to men and women is a great aspect. My hubby already told me he wants his own necklace. My mom bought one and I have my eye on one as well. I am excited to tell you that Brandon has offered one of YOU a necklace of your choosing from his collection! The pictures below show Brandon at work at home and a few I snapped at the craft show.

Brandon’s Etsy Shop and Facebook Page. 
The Rafflecopter Giveaway is at the bottom of the post following the pictures! Be sure and enter for a chance to win and share Brandon and the giveaway with all of your friends! 
Special thanks to Sam Kraines for helping me gather information for this post. 

Here is the Rafflecopter Giveaway!

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12/13/13- UPDATE/Q & A:  Thank you all for entering and participating in various ways! Congratulations to Debbie J. who won her necklace choice from Brandon’s Collection. Below are the questions readers asked Brandon with his answers:

Q. (Debbie) Does Quartz make a nice polished stone?
A. There are so many types of quartz and most of the quartz I’ve worked with shines up real nice. However sometimes you’ll find pieces with a lot of tiny fractures running through it and it just kinda chips away when you try to carve it.

Q. (Lauree)  If someone has a rock/rocks from a special destination would you create a piece for them from it?
A. Yes,  I could carve a rock from another place, but there is always a chance it could break if there’s fractures running through the rock. If i can see fractures running through a rock I usually don’t attempt to carve it.

Q. (Kim)  What machines to  you use in making your jewelry?  Also I want to invest in a stone polisher, do  you have a recommendation?  BTW have you ever been to the Lake Superior shore of Michigan???  If not you need to come because it’s full of STONES!!!!!!  Oh and fossils galore!!!
A.  I use a Dremel with various attachments for carving and polishing and I also use a lapidary machine with 6 different wheels with different grits for shaping and polishing. The machine is called a genie and is made by Diamond Pacific and it works great for polishing stones. I have never been to Lake Superior, but it sounds like a place I would love to visit. I have always wanted to hunt for fossils. 

Q. (Teresa) Do you hand pick the rocks yourself?
A. Yes, I hand pick the rocks I carve. I think it is half the fun, going out and searching for rocks to work with.

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