Join Us For The Last Random Journal Day Link Up of the Year! (December 2013)

Well, friends, gather round! It is the last RJD post for the year and I sure hope you will join in and share a page from your journal!
You know, I get such delight as I see what others write, create, doodle, draw, collage, scrap, paint or scribble on paper. I am held captive to this crazy act of journaling! I so admire some of the Art Journals I see, and then there are the Faithbookers, they inspire me as well. Planners, binders, notebooks, blank books, scrapbooks…I love them all. 
The blank page draws me in until I must draw on it! I must mark it up with words, spill myself out and see what will come of it. The pen and paper are trustworthy tools. I am mesmerized by the process. Are you?
I invite you to share your doodles, your scribbles, your rough drafts and works in progress (that you are willing to reveal!). Show me your Dear Diary and your journal entry; Share your Art Journal Page, your Faith-book page, your doodle or quote journal. 
Show us what your heart looks like on paper!
I am wondering what we should do differently next year for Random Journal Day. I would love to have some input on how we can make this something that continues to be a blessing and positive endeavor for our little community. Should we seek to grow it more? I am open to suggestions…
Please share your input in the comments, and thanks!
Now let’s link up for this last time for 2013!

If you’re new around here, check out the details and please join us!

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