When Your Heart Is Not In It (Faith and Fitness)

Today is Saturday, my friends. 
We are 12 days into our month long journey of Fitting Fitness into our everyday lives. 
I wonder how you are doing with your journey?
I will share how I am doing with mine, in the hope of offering a bit of encouragement. 
I ponder these days- the days past, when exercise was a priority in my life. I gleaned many lessons, and a bit of wisdom back then, hundreds of years ago…as you may well imagine. 
But, when fitness, health and exercise are not a priority, everything changes.
There is never an ideal time to “get fit”, so to speak.
Are there better times than others? Absolutely. 
That is exactly why I decided a a bite sized bit of exercise might build activity back into my life as well as help you bring it home to yours. 
My priorities in life have changed, I recognize this reality. 
Yours may have, as well.
We have multiple things competing for our time and attention.
It becomes harder to figure what makes it into the A1 – A3 priority list. 
So, I encourage you to adhere to the plan. 
Have you heard of the story, 
“Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”?
Well that pretty much summed up my whole week.
“Dawn and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad WEEK”,
yup- that was it. There were tears, and trauma and too much drama.
You know, working out was the last thing on my mind. 
But I stuck to the plan…
Was it all my best efforts?
Did I stick to the plan?
Yes and No.
The Couch to 5K schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I made it Tuesday, Wednesday and I have yet to squeeze in my Friday workout. But I am determined to do it. The Core and More Challenge days, thankfully, I have managed.
No records set, just swallowing back like necessary medicine.
Because, I am worth the effort. 
You are worth the effort. 
Baby steps are better than no steps and I promise, those who start off like the Jack Rabbit, so often lose steam and quit. Trust me, a Tortoise offers great wisdom, as they slowly, steadily, little by little, move forward. Not a lot of fanfare, bells and whistles. But in the end, he finishes his journey. 
He gets where he set out to go.
We will too, OK?
Yesterday, I felt so defeated in so many ways, as I battled discouragement and courted defeat. I left home for a bit to go to a favorite local place, where I like to meet my Maker for quiet ministering to…I hear Him better sometimes, in these places. The picture above I share with you and pray its beauty ministers to you. I wish you could see it for yourself…I have some friends, from my old church, a couple who used to sing from Psalm 61. The memory of their music still ministers to my heart and the wind did stir up their voices from within as the Holy Spirit whispered verses from Psalm 61 to my heart.
So fit fitness in and recognize, life happens while we are making our plans.

Our fitness level increases, improves, as we continue to challenge ourselves physically. Likewise, our faith grows and is strengthened as we face difficulties with the mind heart, and strength of Christ.
Not always easy or fun, right? 
But we can do it…
fitness and faith both require a fixed focus on the outcome, or goal.
So, have you bailed on the challenge?
Are you trying to fit fitness in?
What is working for you and what is not?
Share your success or setback- I would love to know how you are doing?

This post is part of the series: 

31 Days of Fitting in Fitness

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4 thoughts on “When Your Heart Is Not In It (Faith and Fitness)

  1. I didn't even get out of the starting gate with this challenge. With working full time and homeschooling, exercise has taken a back seat. I am trying to incorporate walking, which is not going so well, but I am hoping that changes soon. Hang in there girl. You truly are an inspiration!


  2. Great challenge! I'm visiting from Barbie's linky. I'm still working on being able to run a whole 5k without having to walk part of the way…at least I'm still trying!


  3. So true! – “Baby steps are better than no steps.” That's what I have to remind myself of often. Because like you also say: “There is never an ideal time to get fit” so we do what we can, when we can, and go from there. My little 3-day-a-week fitness routine at home sometimes doesn't seem like much, but it's much better than nothing at all. Good luck to you with getting ready for a 5K!


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