Frequently Asked Questions? (#31DaysFitinFit)


Today I address some random questions about our 31 Days of Fitting in Fitness. Please feel free to ask me ANYTHING today in the comments section and I will be sure and answer. Be nice, though. 

Q. Why did you come up with this challenge, and how did you decide on the details?

A. Truth be told, back in Summer, I came across a “Squat Challenge” on Facebook. I invited others to join, but along the way I started to realize it went against my core beliefs and philosophy as a trainer and person, which include balance. I understood, it was a “challenge” and this is not to say anything negative about this particular person or created challenge; but it helped me realize that this was something I had some pretty serious opinions on and these thoughts needed to be integrated. The defining point came when,  while cooking chili in the kitchen and squatting my 140 squats, I felt my then 48 year old, post injury hip raise an important argument, which was- “I’m not doing this anymore!” Since I believe, listening to the body is key, I immediately stopped. I have studied enough about the body, as well as many different training regimens (even the “History of Physical Education”- a favorite college course!) to know what I think would be a good start for baseline exercise.

Q.  I looked at the challenge and thought it was too easy since I exercise daily. How can this challenge me, I’m a fit rock star?

A. My heart’s desire is for those who struggle with fitting in fitness…at all. But for those who are already exercising regularly, I say, I have often done additional “challenges” when I was in the best shape of my life. Since the program is adjustable you should have no problem, exceeding all recommended ranges. Rock on. Oh, and be sure to record all of your journey- you may even exceed your own expectations…

Q. What if I meant to start and then didn’t start on Day 1? 

A. Please. Start. Now. Right now. Like, give me Day 11. Or if you are one of those, I need to start at the beginning, give me Day 1. I don’t care what you give, give me, actually yourself, something! Just do it. Write it down. No judgement. If a 10 second plank is all you can do. Fine. If 3 push ups is a ll you got. Great. Something is better than nothing. Or if you are looking at the Be Gentle With Me Option- same deal. I gently implore you to get moving. Now… said in a calm quiet voice.

Q. I can’t perform some of the exercises, due to health constraints, what do you suggest?

Obviously a Fitness Challenge, by nature,  is not for everyone. I understand completely that some exercises and even starting a program of exercise might be contraindicated at this time for some individuals. You may also need the help of a professional before moving forward. Check with your doctor and then enlist support and guidance from a professional or based on your doctor’s input. I suggest American Council of Exercise or American College of Sports Medicine for basic information and/or a Fitness Professional. There are many good certifying organizations available for fitness professionals. But you are worth it, so take small steps, and don’t give up- you will find an appropriate fit for you!

Q. I hate your guts and think you are a bully. 

A. You are not the first one, and you are entitled to your opinion. Have you fit in fitness today, then?

Q. What can we expect in the days ahead? 

A. I seriously jumped into this challenge because it has been on my heart to share fitness thoughts and concepts for awhile. Some of the posts I will be sharing (and have shared),  are posts which I am recycling from a blog I kept for a short time, called, Fitness For The Fainthearted. However, I am updating and editing them as I go. On the other hand I whipped this little The Core and More challenge up in July as an alternative to the Squat Challenge I participated in online. Since October came and it was still sitting in my journal (untouched), it seemed dragging you all along with me was a good idea. I also asked what my readers would like most for me to focus on and it was Fitness so…in the days ahead I will be sharing a mix of motivational posts with exercise basics inter-dispersed along the way. I am hoping to squeeze in a video perhaps. It really is unplanned…I am fitting in fitness these days just like most of you. My days are full, and many demands fill my time. Please know I am not “above” being challenged to fit in fitness, on any given day myself!

PS. I am planning to keep us going after the 31 days…so please jump in and join me for a healthy and fit holiday season!

 By the way if you want to tweet your fitness activity, feel free to share with the hashtag #fitinfit. I think I have been doing that, but I am still figuring out tweeting etc. Join me and tweet, tweet your way to Fit in Fitness! Fly with me on Twitter @breathoffaith!


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  1. I do not hate your guts and I NEED a bully. I am going to start putting it on twitter also. I too am new to twitter but it feels really good to have a place to announce my accomplishments, even if small. FB feels more (too) personal and too revealing I think. Yay!


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