Your Perfect Day (Weekend Writing Exercise)

 If you could write out your perfect day, what would it include?
Would your ideal itinerary include activity, or is taking care of your physical health and mental well being so far down the To Do List that it’s hard to imagine what that would even look like?
Well, I am here to support you along your journey to a balanced, healthy state of body and mind.

 First I want to say outright, if you are looking for any of the following: Insanity or P90X Training, The Biggest Loser, extreme diet methods and outrageously, sensational fitness “secrets”, please blog on somewhere else. 

I believe that many of the methods and modes most popular today are NOT for everybody, and are also not hitting the mark of reaching the inactive in a positive way for the long haul.
*Disclaimer/Run On sentence alert!
I have endured a torturous workout with Shaun T. at a Personal Trainers conference, love Tony Horton, have never watched an episode of The Biggest Loser, am still terrified of Susan Powter (and maybe Richard Simmons, too), have actually been called GI Jane and more recently: “Dawnian” , and have seen all else mentioned above -and beyond, in my 30 plus years of professional and personal pursuits in the world of fitness.
*Pause for breath, here.*
If you want to take realistic, steps towards a different reality
 than the one you are living right now…listen:
There is a gentle, consistent, balanced
approach to better health, fitness and well being.
 If you want to be thoughtful about your health, but not insane, compulsive, obsessive, hyper-focused, narcissistic, and downright boring (my personal opinion of conversations which revolve endlessly around diet, exercise, & training regimes) but instead would like some simple, basic steps to help you along the path to a fitter more fabulous you (could you even be more fabulous? Not sure, but heck, what have we to lose?), then join with me and let’s journey the path together.
*For now, imagine or write out (if you like to journal) how your perfect day would look.
Notice if it (ideally) includes a fitness activity or not…
it’s OK, if it does not; consider this a discovery exercise, where we will discover what we value most and what priorities are most important to us in this particular season of life. 

“The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.”

I’ll see you tomorrow for check in! Enjoy your weekend…

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2 thoughts on “Your Perfect Day (Weekend Writing Exercise)

  1. My perfect day begins with a walk in the woods…and ends with the same. Since I live in the woods, that is my reality. Of course, during the week I don't get to do the morning walk since it is still fairly dark when I leave for work. But I am trying to do more walking at work throughout the day and not just stay seated on my chair. It's a challenge, but I'm trying my best. In my 60+ years I need it more and more than ever! Thank you for the challenge!


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