Rainy Day Reflections on Hope, Loss and Change

Today I heard the rumbling of thunder and enjoyed the sound of rain. I don’t understand why people get so uptight about rainy days because to me, they are glorious. Rainy days give me a green light to curl up with a good book, steamy cup of tea in my relaxed Thinker’s Pose, as I ponder away the deeper things in life or just stare into space. Even if I have to go out in the rain – I accept it as easy as sunshine. Why wouldn’t I? After all both come from the same source.
 If I question “Why?” for every rainy day or negative circumstance, shouldn’t I also question the same way for every good thing that God allows to touch my life?
Every loss I can count as gain, in the end, because I know that God will not allow anything in my life to be wasted. He is a most economical God. He could teach the greenest of Green a few things on efficiency because he wastes nothing in the realm of circumstance. If it touches my life there is purpose. 
If it has touched your life God will teach you something, grow you and take you through it.
What is my part and yours? It is to see the sunshine in the rain. It is to bring your own sunshine with you wherever you go. It can be done only as we yield and accept all, as filtered through the hands of a faithful, loving God. He can be nothing less than what He is. Only believe. You think this is fluff?
Not so friend. Name your pain. You are wondering why God isn’t coming through the way you expected, planned or desired? You doubt if he has heard your prayers. You think he has forgotten you? You believe you are beyond help with some struggle or sin?
Well, I will tell you what I have told others, while working as a Personal Trainer, when a client backslides, slips up, or just plain blows it with their efforts. As long as you have breath, there is hope. Sometimes, I would say, as a client stood on the scale, staring in disbelief. I looked dead straight on and asked, “Is it a tombstone?” Of course the response was no, it’s a scale; therefore the number reflected is not permanent. It is temporary. Changeable. Possibly like your circumstance, that needs to be addressed in time.
God is the Author of Change and Hope. The beauty of it is, we are woven into the very fabric of His story. He is making us beautiful in His eyes.
It costs.
 It cost Him his very life’s Blood. It buys freedom that no one can take from us.
My friend, Rejoice. The same One that brings the rain, brings the sunshine.
Rainy days and trials are like puddles, sometimes you jump over them. Sometimes you travel through them…and sometimes, after He’s brought you through many storms, you jump in that puddle and rejoice, knowing it’s not the storm that is in control, not the rain that matters, not the rising waters, but His Faithful Presence alone. His love endures forever and He is good. Sometimes puddles are reminders of His faithfulness, reflections of His grace.
Remember, when the rain comes it brings new life with it. For that which has weathered the storm is left both resilient and beautiful.
Rest assured He will create in each one of us both resilience and beauty, in His time.
Edited and Re-Posted (From Archives June 2011)

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Dawn Paoletta is the author of Journaling for Discovery and Delight. Her writing is included in several anthologies and her poems have been included in the Wickford Poetry and Art Exhibit and Books. Dawn is currently working on her next book. Inquiries at dawn.paoletta@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Reflections on Hope, Loss and Change

  1. I'm visiting from the Weekend Brew. 🙂 How true that as long as we have breath, we can make changes. And truer still that we serve the God of all Hope. Thanks for the excellent reminder!


  2. Oh yes! As long as I have breath there is hope! Loved this post today. I do love the rain. I love the fresh fragrance it brings and the life that follows after it. Blessings!


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