Random Journal Day Link Up (September 2013)

Welcome to Random Journal Day for September!

 This month we are asking ourselves the big question: WHY?
Why do we keep a journal? 

Click to Read:
10 Famous Authors thoughts on Keeping a Journal! 
2 of my faves, C.S. Lewis and Anais Nin are included. 

NOW-Please join in and link up your very own Journal Entry and check out September’s Link Up option!
1. Dig out one of your old journals, or a recent journal. 
Choose an entry, or a portion of an entry that you feel bold enough or at least comfortable to share. We prefer if you could include a picture of your journal if possible!

***OPTIONAL LINK Prompt: This is for those of you who may not want to dig out your old journals (yet or this round) or if you don’t journal, or if your journal is on your blog or if you are inspired by my deep prompts.

Write about one of these topics on your blog and link up that specific post:

1. Why do you or don’t you journal? 
For those who DO: How often do you journal? What do you include in your journal? What do you exclude from your journal and why?
For those who DON’T: What is your preferred choice for self reflection? When and with whom are you the most “real” or authentic.

2. For those who “Blog Journal”:
How does writing for an audience influence your writing or have you ever considered that journal writing by definition is something that is not initially written with the intention to share?  

Of course you can merge these if you feel prompted

2. Write up your blog post, publish and link up here.
Link up the blog post you are sharing, NOT your general Blog address- 
so we can visit your entry. 
We don’t have a Badge for this Blog Hop yet, 
but if you just link back to this in your post that will work.  
(Random Journal Day Link Up) 
*You can use Susie’s RDJ Photo (above) if you like!

3. Kindly visit and comment on the
 person before you in the link up.
You can visit more but we understand that everyone is busy.

Read more about Random Journal Day and see all posts under the LINKS tab, HERE!

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