Writing to God (Week 7- Holy Stillness)

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Here we are friends, the final stretch. Are you growing weary or are you ready to finish this journey strong? I continue to appreciate the specific portions and prompts as well as Rachel’s own words. I love that on Day 33 we find the following invitation: “Sit quietly in God’s presence before picking up your pen.” I am one who is almost always holding a pen. If I pick up my Bible, I grab a pen. If I go to read a book, or periodical, sure enough, I am holding a pen. Open a book what is being used as a bookmark (for shame) and what will you find? A pen. When I seek God…yup, pen time. But there comes a time when we must lay our pens down and be still. The Lord Himself has reminded me and now I get the official reminder along our journey (just in case I’ve forgotten). How about you? Do you need to be reminded to be still before Him? To empty out all of your busy thoughts, dumping them at His feet and asking Him to fill you with His peace instead?
Day 33 (Luke 19:1-6)
Rachel writes, “The forty days are almost finished (48 for us!); are you still enjoying this time of seeking Jesus, or are you struggling to make time for prayer? Sit quietly in God’s presence before picking up your pen. Use your written prayer to ask God to surround your day with holy stillness and peace.”
“God will meet you in the stillness.”
Consider sharing what you wrote from Day 33, or share how you are doing on the journey as we approach our final week. If you are visiting/new and want to take a moment and experience what it’s like to journey with this book, then take some time to read the verse and pray with your pen. Feel free to share in the comments, or link up a post if you have a blog about what God speaks to your heart through the above scripture passage.
My portion:
Lord, I trust you for forgiveness and grace when I choose lesser things over your glory. How faithful you are! How patient! 
Lord, I thank you for Heaven within and peace that travels wherever I am because You are with me. 
Lord, I thank you for stillness in the midst of busy-ness.
May I be sensitive to the balance you desire for my days.
Lord, I thank you that you are my peace and you fill me with your holy stillness. 
See you next week when Rachel will be joining us for our grand finally!

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8 thoughts on “Writing to God (Week 7- Holy Stillness)

  1. Dawn- I left a long comment over on week 6 for this week….but wanted to say again that this has been a great venue to keep me writing out my prayers to God…I like “From God” and how it addresses in God's voice…Stop! He has stopped me in my tracks this week with some kind flu…just want to drink ginger ale, munch crackers and sit on the couch. I did sit outside in the sunshine the last couple days and the helped my soul…God is meeting me in the stillness and I was able to read a whole book in two days, which I rarely do…I nibble on books…I am looking forward to the last week of prayers and hearing from Rachel next week. Blessings and joy-Kel


  2. Stillness doesn't come easily. My mind just doesn't want to settle down…unless it's to fall asleep. :/ So, there was more to it, but my prayer on Day 33 included:I want to meet you in the stillness, oh Lord, but first lead me to the quiet place. Take away the distractions, turn down the noise, stop my racing thoughts. Teach me to listen for you, to hear your voice whisper in the quiet.Let me learn to welcome stillness, to not fear it as an open door for dwelling on life's pains. Let me learn to cherish it and anticipate it as time spent with you, my (heavenly)Father…Abba…Dad.


  3. Kel, hope you feel better. “Forced” stillness sometimes is the only way some of us get still enough…some of my best plans have been thwarted by a God who thinks it is the better thing to learn to sit, be still and just BE. I was reading from my phone earlier (not great but convenient!) but am just getting to my blog now after a busy day…I am a nibbler on books as well which makes me a slow reviewer!


  4. Thanks, Ashley- between home-schooling my sweet 12 year old, keeping up with life and teaching classes at night I am stretched to the max. I will get over to your place, I promise! HUgs!


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