My Current Journal and Altered Book Experiment (RJD April)

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I am feeling just brave and crazy enough to share from my current journal this month. OK, it’s because I actually am so busy this month, I have no time to get into my journal closet and start walking down memory lane! Spring definitely seems to increase the excessive busy-ness! 
Today I am sharing from my little Piccadilly  journal which was given to me by my sweet friend, Lauree. It happens to be my favorite color! I am enjoying the size and make of this journal. It is one I have not used before but would choose to use in the future. 
I hope you can appreciate the irony of this particular journal share as well as the Altered Book pages I am sharing…hmm.

Does anyone need to CHILLAX with me?


Lord, today a new day stretches before me. Already I sense it pressing in around me. I feel pressures and burdens that are not my own-it makes me edgy…I feel like I can’t live up to it, keep up with it.

Lord, release me from these perceived burdens. Lighten my load. You tell me I can come to you with my burden and exchange it for your yoke, my heavy burdens traded for rest and teaching by you…You say your yoke is easy, your burden is light…
How is that, Lord?
I sense it, I feel it.
But then I find my mouth betrays my heart.

Lord, I need to re-boot!
I need a stay-cation!

I need your rest, your gentleness, your peace for today.

Let today bloom slowly as a flower-full of beauty, joy from above and heavenly aroma- a delight to all.
Yes, Lord, make it so!


No kidding moment: I keep scissors and glue stick in my pocketbook for journaling on the go! My daughter’s favorite place for spinach pie and the front of Sunday’s church bulletin scrapped while we wait for lunch and giggle. 

I have been wanting to try altering a book for awhile and I have two going.
This one I found in Maine at a cool little garage bookstore.Seriously I have no idea what I am doing, but just winging it as I go. I am following a number of Altered Book artists so I just look and am picking up a bit. Mostly it’s just creative fun! 

Well I hope you are enjoying being creative in your journal with your words or however you find your creativity flowing through you!

Please join us at our Random Journal Day Link up.
Link goes live at 12 AM Friday! 
It is the one year anniversary of RJD Day and I will be having a journal giveaway to celebrate!

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14 thoughts on “My Current Journal and Altered Book Experiment (RJD April)

  1. This looks so cool, altering an old book! Looks fun. Great new RJD pic, though its sad to to see my pic go, but a new year means new looks right? Yes! I like the change!Where is the link up? Can't find it yet.Love you Dawn!


  2. Did you read the bottom? lol. It goes live on Friday at 12 AM -should I post it sooner? That is usually the time we post. I wanted to get this out early as I am busy this weekend! All auto post from here on in!


  3. HAPPY Friday.Visit from Blog Hop. would be nice if you can link up at my blog.Have a nice day.Nan


  4. Dawn- I love this! I have been playing around with art journaling and have at least one altered book going…I always have several journals going at once…crazy…but I love it! Now what will I link up tomorrow…I will have to find a poem in one of my journals, since I'm doing poetry month and I want to link up with RJD, too…maybe not so random…I love seeing what you are up to in the journaling arena! See ya later-Kel


  5. You are SO creative with this. I doodle on everything, but am too impatient to do this in my journals when there are so many words dying to get out. That's all there are–just words. I'm awed by the ability to do more than that, though. Wish for it…Still, gotta go write.


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