Living in the "Yes" of Easter (Monday and Beyond)

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I curled up with my Bible Easter Sunday Morning, with the intent to get back on track with my Bible reading plan. I had veered off course about mid March, and after accepting a very dear friend’s advice, to pick up from where I am today without trying to catch up, I opened up my favorite book trusting God to meet me and get me back on track without obsessing about the days missed (which the same friend reminded me I have read these books before AND I could go back and read when time allows currently). As I read through Song of Solomon (not a personal favorite) and Numbers…I’m partial to the Old Testament for sure but Leviticus and Numbers…well, let’s say ALL of God’s Word is beneficial, so I chomp on through it and trust that it does this body and soul good. I read on into Matthew. But this morning’s additional verse for me in my Writing to God venture leads me head long into one serendipitous moment. 
 For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God. Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ. He anointed us, set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.

2 Corinthians 1:20-22
Praise the God of Yes, in Jesus!
This was a perfect Easter morning kiss for me.
Have you ever felt kissed on the head by your Heavenly Father?
I pray many kisses are bestowed upon you from your Heavenly Father, in the form of precious gems of truth from His Holy Word. 

I watched the conclusion of The Bible TV Series this Sunday night.
I reserved my comments until watching the complete series. First I want to say I enjoyed and looked forward each Sunday to watching this epic offering from History Channel and…Hollywood. That being said I did notice many flaws, yet was able to enjoy it. I read a number of views on this and I just want to say brethren, please…”stop dragging my heart around.” I. Liked. It. It was imperfect. As is your view. Let’s move on and thank God that we can even have the freedom to see, such a program on the telly at this point in time. God is not limited by Hollywood productions, History Channel, Bible Translations, translators or  even you and me. Oh, ye of little faith…
This week I got to speak on the phone to my West Coast BFF, Sara! 
We have a special love for Palm and Easter Sunday because many moons ago, God did a major miracle in both our lives during that week. He brought us to life in Christ! That is a story worthy of it’s own post. Coming soon…Meanwhile, I miss her since her move from the East but am so grateful for our connection in Him.Proverbs 17:17 says a friend loves at all times…grateful for a handful of sisters who really embrace this verse, and me. Cally is calling…

I caught Spring trying to bud it’s way in…

So I bent low and captured it! 

I started this Book Study at Renee’s Place – it’s not too late to join in!
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of Random Journal Day this month?
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I am hoping to participate once again in the 5 Minutes for Mom 
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For those who are in the Rhode Island area, I want to let you know of a workshop happening beginning April 5th-May 24. If you or someone you know is a Sexual Abuse Survivor, please check out Tin Man Ministries upcoming workshop: Healing Hearts Workshop
Head of TMM, Holly Otten, will be featured in an upcoming post. 

Have a wonderful week, living in the “YES” of Easter!

Tomorrow I will be sharing a very special poem-  inspired by a picture of a dog and girl by a friend-“I Am Your Girl”. If you are a dog lover, you will not want to miss it! PS: It is National Poetry Month

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17 thoughts on “Living in the "Yes" of Easter (Monday and Beyond)

  1. I used to really dread reading Leviticus.. But then I had to do an in depth study of the sacrificial system.. Ever since then I really enjoy the book..As far as Numbers go? Yeah, not so much! There are certain parts of Chronicles that really drag on for me too 🙂


  2. Dawn you are truly a breath of fresh air. And I so agree with you about the miniseries “The Bible”. I appreciate the fact that Mark Burnett and Roma Downey made a valiant effort to do this. And many who do not yet know Jesus were watching. Our God is the God of the impossible. Blessings and love,Debbie


  3. Deb, I should have said “loved it” but I feared being stoned! lol. Happy week after Easter, my friend! Also I actually called my Pastor about one portion which left me scratching my head The part about Daniel and Cyrus/Darius) and had a wonderful dialogue about ancient history and he gave me three books to help me get my facts straight – well as straight as they can be(!) to help! lol. They did well..


  4. Agree. I did a Bible College class and Bible study… but still, Ren…so many words and I get a little gaggy and struggle with skimming! God is gracious with me!


  5. My BBFF, you are entitled to your opinions, as are we all. So fear not, you won't be stoned here. I, too, looked forward to watching The Bible series. I actually watched the episodes again yesterday (they ran every episode on HC, leading up to last night's conclusion). The first time I saw them, I admit I picked apart each biblical 'faux pas'like a hungry vulture. However, I had a much different attitude last night, remembering I am not perfect either. I agree with you, that we should be thankful we can actually have something like this on TV.'Creative liberties' aside, as I watched each episode yesterday, it came to me that there is ample opportunity here to point out and discuss with those we know and love who are unfamiliar with the Bible and/or are seeking God, just what THE REAL DEAL is.Love those purple flowers, too!Much love,Pam


  6. Yes, Pam- I think that when we pick apart and criticize things (IE. even denominational differences) it distracts and causes confusion to those who are still “…far off”. Creative Liberties…HA! Yup- but ya know seeing it come to life again and again still brings me to appreciate His word, truth and grace all the more. The HS does lead us into all truth after all! We just need to lift HIM up instead of bickering and backbiting among ourselves. I still remember (and have the DVD) Jesus of Nazareth…as well as a few other creative “versions”. Love and hugs, my friend!


  7. I've watched a couple of The Bible episodes, but not all. I've seen some flaws, like you've said, but overall feel that it illuminates my understanding to what these people experienced in their relationship with Christ and God. It has opened my eyes to my own struggles in some ways. Thanks for sharing about your journey here, Dawn, and letting us know about some interesting resources as well.


  8. Hugs back atcha! Sounds like you could use a few today. I have a DVD of the mini-series Jesus, with actor Jeremy Sisto portraying Jesus. It, too, was flawed in so many ways, but again…it's the job of the HS to lead us into all truth. I've lost count of how many times I've watched the DVD, and been inspired and encouraged as it reminds me yet again, just how much the Lord loves me. Love ALL of us.I will unashamedly admit here that I SOBBED uncontrollably last night as I watched The Bible's portrayal of Jesus' journey to Calvary.


  9. God speaks to us so many ways. When I've thought about 'The Bible' on the History Channel, I've thought of historians who might have been more deeply exposed to truth than ever before. Despite clear flaws, He can/will certainly use it. And it's also true that every human, in sharing the gospel, is liable to share a flaw in the great Story as well–because WE are flawed. And that's never stopped God from using our words. Secondly, thank God for the eternal blessing of distant but very intimate friends who last, and with whom miles don't matter. I'm always grateful to be alive now so that we can communicate instantly with our beloveds, mo matter how far away.


  10. It was entertaining. It gave a little insight. But as teaching? No. It was an overview, not completely accurate. It was….entertainment. I wouldn't accept anything from it without checking it against Scripture.


  11. Inspiring, entertainment, Stacy- I never said it was for teaching purposes. I sat with my Bible open for the first three episodes so I could see where they were going to go with their creative liberties… We are to be like the Bereans with all things, I believe…but my point is I would not expect MORE from History Channel and Hollywood…I enjoyed seeing the visuals and don't expect perfection in theology from the source whence it came. Hopefully it sparked those God desired to be sparked…toward checking scripture, whether sleepwalking Christians, or those who wonder about this Jesus of Nazareth. Hope your Easter was blessed- see you Wednesday!


  12. Thank you for reminding me that I am not on a schedule of mine, but on God's and that getting behind is not a problem as He will teach me wherever I am in His Word. And the Crocuses are absolutely lovely! I have not seen those in so very long. Don't live in an area where we can grow them. Caring through Christ, ~ linda


  13. Well off my reading schedule, but God's schedule is complete and perfect his word is always perfect not limited by our reading plans. I didn't get to see much of The Bible on the History channel, maybe it will be on demand (no commercials). Of course it is for sale now in stores, so maybe not.


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