Parched Places (Writing to God- Week 6)

“God will provide joy, even in the wilderness.”
Rachel Hackenberg

Hello, my fellow sojourners. Here we are in the middle of holy week. We are counting down in our hearts and minds the days ahead…Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. 
How are you doing?
Are you on track with your Writing to God?
I am, myself walking along in solitary places in my spirit. Feeling a bit stretched tight as Winter clings, and Spring seems distant. This girl who loves snow, and winter is long ready for Spring. Awaiting His breath of faith upon me as well as blossoming buds, blue skies, and birds calling me in the early morning. 
Does anyone else find it difficult to keep up at certain times of the year? 
September, Spring, and Christmas squeeze more out of me and but for grace, joy and beauty of each, I think I’d just cocoon myself away and wait for the pace of the season to allow breathing time. 
But truly peace is available, and He does not depart from those who belong to Him.
Age is on my side, as well. 
I fret less over the incidentals of self imposed (or other imposed) expectations. 
I seek Him and (mostly) bask in the love and peace He abundantly gives.
The prompt I am sharing from is Enlightening- Jeremiah 31:2-13
I hum through dish washing
keeping time with the beat of my heart-
the joy of my soul, 
my heart is light with song,
I rejoice in the mundane.
The routines of my day are dances,
dirty laundry but opportunity
 to praise your faithfulness and goodness.
Oh, Lord, I dance through my days
offering up my praise
How you lighten my load-
even whites.
Though at times I grow weary,
occasionally teary-
It’s all part of our journey
of grace and mercy.
Oh, Lord- thank you for words. Thank you, The Living Word. Who became flesh.  Thank you for your journey to the cross.Lord, you are worthy of praise and glory and honor. At your name every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, on earth and in Heaven- that Jesus Christ is Lord of, all to the glory of the Father. Amen and Amen. Messiah. Chosen One. King of Kings, Lord of Lords, The Great I Am, Emmanuel. Holy is your name…and I praise you. We praise you, Lord. 
Worthy is the Lamb. 
Upcoming Schedule:
We are currently in the Prayers and Prompts for Holy Week which wraps up on Easter Sunday. We will resume in the 40 Days section at Day 32 and proceed through days 33, and 34. Wednesday April 3rd we will meet together here again and then write on through our final week together on this journey. The final  days (Days 35-40) will wrap up our 40 day journey and on April 10th- our final Wednesday author Rachel Hackenberg will be joining us here with a special message of encouragement and time of sharing. 

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7 thoughts on “Parched Places (Writing to God- Week 6)

  1. Yes! What we humans do to seasons that should be reflective and full of a deep soul-joy overwhelms me sometimes. This week is a good example. There have been pockets of reflection to be sure…last night's Bible study at church, where we dug deep into the things that happened that week so long ago and thought about each crack of whip upon tender flesh, each ringing blow of hammer to nail, the utter desolation and aloneness of a Father turning his face away. My prayers this week haven't been very “poetic” or pretty…just deep cries from my soul.


  2. Dawn- I have been reading Rachel's prayers, but my pen has been exploring other themes in my journal…I resonated with her poem “Between Hopelessness and Hope” last week and today as I reread “Seeking Signs” and “From God”…I realized I was living out the prayers of these poems…I am looking for signs of “new growth” spiritually…and I dusted off another book “When the Heart Waits” by Sue Monk Kidd…and I have felt sick since Monday (forced stillness :)…Here is the prayer that I wrote in response to all these other thoughts swirling around in my heart, soul, mind and body: Holy God- Forgive me for expecting quick fixes, for desiring a magical elixir to take away pain from my life. Let me embrace the shattered dreams, the torn up bits of my life–the fears, the doubts, the impatience. I need you to midwife my midlife. I thought going to college would change my life and it did on some level…but this has been a time of waiting, a cocoon of rest. Let me embrace the waiting. It's been over a year since I graduated and I have had so many ideas and visions and dreams about what to “do” with my life…I didn't expect more waiting and growing. I didn't expect healing to take a turn for the worse before it got better.I have really appreciated having the impetus of the weekly post to keep at this Writing to God…I want to keep at it even after the finale!


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