Solitary Places {Faith Life Preservers- Day 6}

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, 
Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, 
where he prayed.
Mark 1:35
Do you have a solitary place?
A special place you go to rendezvous with
The King of King and Lord of Lords?
I have a few places I sneak off to now and again.
Here’s why.
I want to pray.
I want to hear God, and often do right in the midst of my moment.
He meets me in these places…
 my messy office, on the back patio, curled up on the corner
 of the couch or sitting studiously at the kitchen table .
He’s with me always, it’s true.
I have learned the secret to abiding and it is well with me soul.
He is the Lover of my soul.
He longs to show me great and mighty things that
 I do not know and cannot see unless
I am willing to sacrifice my desire for comfort and predictability
in this uniquely dynamic relationship.
He longs to lead me into greater intimacy with Him and
continuously reveal Himself to me.
He longs the same for you.
But there is in me this ungodliness that would make God my servant.
That would settle for a comfortable Christianity,
that is apart from His good and perfect will for me.
And you, my friend.
So sometimes,
 I must depart from the routine of my sweet quiet times and sneak
away to a solitary place with Him.
Devoid of distractions that are signed,
sealed and delivered with a uniform conformity of my own design.
I walk with him along the coast or seek a wooded path less traveled
 and listen for his voice.
I talk with Him.
He talks with me.
I sit with Him.
He sits with me.
We climb the heights together.
I am reminded of my oneness with Him.
He resonates within my soul.

Find a way to get away to a lonely place to pray.
Step out of your cookie cutter quiet times.
Will you be sure and try?
He will be with you there.

For my sweet busy mama’s burning the candle from both ends, perhaps try this: 
 Light a candle before all of your lovely and beloved distractions arise,
create your secret place, and sacred space in your own home in the darkness of morning.
Just seek Him in the stillness and quietness of the morning.
This will keep the busy-ness of the day hidden from your sight and you to
 (even though you may think you cannot steal way from the home)
will have followed in His footsteps to the lonely place that bears much fruit.

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.
Luke 5:16

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2 thoughts on “Solitary Places {Faith Life Preservers- Day 6}

  1. So true…we often get too comfortable in our time of devotions and prayer…and I believe God wants us to step outside of that comfort zone occasionally and seek His face in the marketplace, the highways and biways of life, where we usually avoid going in case we might get into a difficult place…I'm not saying be unsafe…but be alert and open to God's leading…let Him show you His heart in the faces of the ones crying in the wilderness of this life. We will be amazed by what we will see, and how close to home they may actually be.Thank you for this reminder today.


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