Collage: What If … (RDJ #18)

I decided to clean out my Journal trunk to find the 
entry which included my real life  Shark Encounter
and it ended up being quite a messy proposition!

I was initially going to share from the journal which had that story
for this RDJ #18, but once I started to look through the messy pile on the floor,
I changed my mind.
Instead I decided to share this little collage, which I believe was a magazine ad 
that I chopped up, and glued down in my own design. December 7, 1992 is the date.
This little creative endeavor prompted two pages of random endings to the query:
What if…

The original reads:
What If…
My Car Won’t start?
I’m Late For My 10:00?
I Spill My Coffee?
I Run Out Of Gas?
The Road’s Slippery?
I Get Lost?
I Lose My Mind?

Yeah, good life summary for any day on my calendar-especially at this time as I was working @ juggling a Personal Training Business, Bodybuilding Competition, Part Time College Course work and life!
Some days I felt like a pin ball!
I apologize for the picture quality but I am currently still without a camera and relying on my Blackberry Smartphone for all photos. Sometimes this works amazingly well and other times…not so much!
So perhaps you should try the prompt “What If?”
Keep writing anything that comes.
See what you learn about yourself.
Looking back it reveals some of the specific things of that time in my life,
 but a lot of it is recurring themes in my life.
Try it!
Happy Journaling, Friends!

These particular “What Ifs” still resonate with me!
Irony here…

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20 thoughts on “Collage: What If … (RDJ #18)

  1. What if two bloggers on two opposite coasts put in motion a link that caused people all across the world to open up such trunks and spill out treasures from their past? What if God used those pasts to teach a host of readers of His faithfulness? What if this little idea of Random Journal Day spurs people to write–and think and pray? What if, indeed.


  2. What if that is the most perfect send off to my bedtime tonight? Had to read it twice to get it! Thanks, I will have sweet dreams of His faithfulness and amazing grace tonight for sure! Smiling.


  3. What if you had never stopped by my blog at dverse? What if I had never followed your trail of bread crumbs back here? What if the moon is made of silver? Why do I have to go to bed now? It's only 3 am… ha ha ha.Great post, truly, and I think I will journal some serious “what ifs,” although I'm not sure there are too many for me; I've always lived life “out loud,” you know what I mean… Peace, Amy


  4. Great post, Dawn!!! One that resonates with all of us, filling in the blanks with whatever our life is about right now. And while it looked indeed to be a messy proposition, it was a most colorful looking one, too. All those beautiful journal covers. A rainbow of words and thoughts!Hugs to ya,Pam


  5. What if indeed? I like was jeskmom said above…and all the others…what if we never had a blogland to discover each other and be blessed with so much joy and words of encouragement to one another? What if our computers suddenly stopped and we couldn't do this anymore? Would we keep on writing? Would we strive to communicate with each other any other way? What if God intended us all to meet this way for His higher purposes for each of our lives? Yeah, this does get the juices flowing in each of us! I'm so thankful for each and every one of you, and if I never get to say it again, I want it said now! Thank you, Lord for my wonderful friends in blogland! Amen.


  6. Thats a lot of journals..loved your what if post,it truly got me thinking!!I am new to journalling and glad i happened across your blog.xoxo


  7. Well, so nice to meet you! Actually we sometimes address my daughter as Queenie! lol! I will be doing a number of posts featuring great food for thought for you as a new journaler! Hope you stay connected. I invite you to follow or be sure and stop by on Fridays! Please let me know if I can offer any help or answer any questions.I have attended lots of classes, groups and read a number of the books about the subject!


  8. Dawn I think that's a great idea-What If? I will give that a go. I smiled at seeing all your journals and the trunk. I am out growing my box but I still feel the need to journal. Think a trunk is the way to go :-). God Bless.


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