A Summer Poem (RJD #14)

Beach gazing: Nantucket, Ma

 My RJD offering for you today friends, will be a Summer Treat. 
I often write poems in my journals then forget about them. 
Poetry is just a way I express myself, I suppose. 
It kind of just comes, so I submit myself to the pen and let it flow. 
I forgot all about this little ditty I jotted down in the early days.
1997 was the year that God really began speaking to me, 
or perhaps when I finally was willing to obey.
 Or at least try. For better or worse.
I felt like I could hear Him all the time, everywhere. 
I stole away with Him often. 
It was the Honeymoon time of my faith…
This is pretty raw. Unedited.
As you can see!
I Have Felt His Presence

and faraway
and every day…
[present, now, especially today]
O magnificent Ocean
You are but a drop of water
held within His hand
[Behold His glory]
Every sparkling glimmer dancing upon the sand
[Look closely]
I have seen His glorious work!
But where sand meets sea
is where He anointed me…
Splendid and beautiful place
He has chosen His merciful grace
as a gift imparted to me…
My Lord blesses me
here by the sea
I seek His grace and loving-kindness
He kisses me with Sun and warmth
Caresses me with a gentle breeze
He embraces me with His loving light
Heals me with salty air
and cleanses me with 
His foamy, 
green waters and righteousness
of whom shall I compare?
None I dare.
Praise Be To God
I see His glory in every hue of blue 
of the sky
and wonder why
He would choose me
from the land
as part of His unfolding plan. 

July 24, 1997- October 8, 1997
My heart, AND open book! 😉

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Dawn Paoletta is the author of Journaling for Discovery and Delight. Her writing is included in several anthologies and her poems have been included in the Wickford Poetry and Art Exhibit and Books. Dawn is currently working on her next book. Inquiries at dawn.paoletta@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “A Summer Poem (RJD #14)

  1. So beautiful. Over the years, by the ocean is where I've most often felt the Lord's presence. I love the pic that goes with it, and the ocean wave sounds in the background….well, all I need right now is to put my feet in the sand, and I'm right there with ya — and with Him!Grateful for your posts, always, and for your friendship. Blessings,Pam


  2. i can feel the sweetness of your early lovein this….the excitement that the God of the universe wants together time with me.it stirs that early romantic feelingagainand makes me hungry for alone timewith Him again.thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry,Jennifer


  3. Like an oasis is your poem for me today. Like the rush of water over the sands of people and food and caregiving and life swallowing me. Thank you for this moment of sweetness. Refreshing. Needed. Yes, thank you.


  4. I like the picture of you watching the ocean. And waht you said that the ocean – that is so huge you can't see the other side – is but a frop of water. That blew my mind. Thanks again for all the prayers. sandie


  5. Beautiful, Dawn! You have a beach day poem gift from the sea, too. I loved the way you constructed this – and know what you mean about how you just write and out it flows. Awesome!!Joy!Kathy


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