Celebrating Susie: Recovering Church Lady Celebration Day!

Susie and her Hub- I love this picture!

Today is my dear friend Susie’s TWO year Blogoversary! 
I thought it would be fun to have a special Toast for Her to help her celebrate.
Although Susie and I have never met in person (yet).
We have lots in common.
1. We like each other. Lots.
2. We know Jesus loves us and we love to share Him.
3. We love to write.
4. We do not like phony baloney stuff, we cut to the chase.
5. We both live in the USA. On opposite coasts. So we are kinda coast to coast friends.
6. Our husbands work for large chain “home improvement” (competing) places, 
which shall remain unnamed. 
7. We Co-Host a Blog Hop: Random Journal Day 
which was inspired by a post Susie wrote before (I think) I was even blogging!
8. We both have dogs we love and who somewhat run our lives. 
Pretty much.
9. I am pretty sure if we got together we would be laughing a lot, 
since I find myself smiling and laughing through our e-mails, 
blog posts and Facebook sharing!
10. We are Sisters In Christ and that’s the best kind to be!

I also love and appreciate Susie because whenever 
I have a grammatical question, bloggy dilemma or need prayer she is on it.
Thanks, Susie!

Read about her “coolness” and grace HERE or Here!
Or just click on her button below and you can check out all of her there!

Susie just makes the Blogosphere a better place by shining here!
Thank you, Lord for Susie Klein: The Recovering Church Lady!

Go on over and wish her a 
Happy Blogoversary will you?

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating Susie: Recovering Church Lady Celebration Day!

  1. I am blown away by this Dawn! I know, I probably wasn't supposed to see this till tomorrow but what a super fun and shocking surprise!! Thank you so much! I love you and will be holding up my glass of white in a few minutes! You're the best!


  2. Congratulations, Susie! What a nice tribute, Dawn. Blogging does open up a door to some fantastic friendships that we never have otherwise. A few of the people I count among my very best friends I've yet to meet face to face.


  3. I'm holding up my cup of tea to Susie too! She is my “blogohero” …I appreciate her spirit and spunk as she blogs her way through our lives. Thank you, Dawn, for this salute to our mutual friend on the opposite coast, Susie, our very own “Revovering Church Lady”. Hip Hip Hooray for Susie!! Love ya both, Dawn and Susie!


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