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OK, so around here on Mondays I serve up a smorgasbord of randoms starting with with Carissa @ Lowercase Letters for Miscellany Monday. Next, I’ll spoon out some creativity or inspiration with Ramona @ Create With Joy’s Inspire Me Monday. Lastly I’ll wrap it all up with sweet gifts of thanksgiving, onward to a journey of 1000 gifts counted with Ann @ A Holy Experience: Multitudes On Monday. 
So now you know.
 Let’s get in with it!

My Randoms for this week:

Last week I was Interviewed by Author Marja Meijers.
Marja blogs at Fresh Insights On Ancient Truths.
Seriously, I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity and it was such
an unexpected but great exercise for me! Marja is such a wonderful writer I was honored and
grateful that she considered me for this interview. (OK, honest engine- I was scared at first, too.
My first thought was “Hey, I like to ask the questions, not be asked”!)
Marja, made it easy, covered my thoughts on writing, blogging and fitness as well as edited me lovely!
I am hoping to turn the tables and interview her in time for the release of her next book called
“My Neighbor’s House”. 

Quick Quips from My Girl:

Me: Let me get a picture of you…
My Girl: No- Mom, you can’t put my pictures on Facebook or your blog.
Me: Sweetie, I gave birth to you…of course I can.

My Girl: Mom, do you get any money for having these on your blog (pointing to my sidebar)?
Me: No, sweetie. I just believe in and support these people/causes.
My Girl: Well, how about your Fitness Blog? You should at least be having advertising on that one.
Me: Well, honey, that blog does not see much action because I don’t spend much time working on it.
My Girl: You need to GET working on that. And get some advertisers. 

Susie over at Recovering Church Lady has nominated me for this award. I like that it means “Beloved” in German. Least that’s what Susie said. So apparently there are some rules that accompany this “award”. I certainly do not want to be ungrateful for such thoughtfulness so I will play by the rules. 
Here are the rules that accompany this award:
1. If you are nominated and accept it, then you have won!
2. Thank the person who nominated you by linking back to their blog.
3. Nominate 5 blogs with less than 200 Followers.
4. Let the nominees know by leaving a comment on their blog.
5. Add the award image to your site.
So I would like to pass this award to these Beloveds:
Regina @ Teach Me the Ancient Paths


this was all the creativity I could muster…
sorry Ramona!

I made this on a hot day when it was too hot to be crafty!

I did manage to get this shot from my beach day Thursday,
while the Narragansett Regatta was going on:

Took this pic with my phone, but I love that we have these sailboats
racing by while we enjoy our beach time. America’s Cup Race and The Tall Ships
within the next two weeks…so exciting in our small state. 

I finished The Bloggers Prayer Project this week and 
will be sharing about it in a post but need a bit more time to clarify my thoughts. 

***You matter to me***
I really appreciate all of my readers, friends and visitors in the Blogosphere but am finding it increasingly hard to squeeze it all in (blog visits, reading and replies) in the Summer months. Please be patient with me as I hope to keep up as best as I can.
I am spending less time on the ‘puta, and scheduling posts more often, and  I am not replying regularly. Something on your mind? Shoot me an e-mail.

Bountiful Gifts All…

218. Barbie and Nikki, partners in prayer 219. perfect pork “rub” tonight thanks to my honey 220. beach day friends who love Jesus, sunny and perfect 221. VBS weekend 222. Evan 223. rocks, seaweed, shells, sand 224. Point Judith mornings 225. Overcoming evil with good 226. people praying for me 227. prayer for My Girl  228. Peanut Butter and Jelly 229. Jesus conversations 230. His faithfulness to my unfaithfulness: my example…Lord, help me to do likewise.

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