The Beauty And Audacity Of Grace

Titus 2:11
For the grace of God 
(His unmerited favor and blessing) 
has come forward 
for the deliverance from sin 
and the eternal salvation for all mankind. 
 For the grace of God that brings 
salvation has appeared to all men.
Sunday morning.
The fist two Lilies of the season.
There they are. Taking me back with the surprise of their beauty.
 I knew it would be soon, but it never ceases to amaze me when they arrive.
Bursting onto the scene,
like a beautiful promise fulfilled.
As I gazed close, I thought… the audacity of such beauty.
How much more the grace of God amazes me daily.
Just like these twin beauties.
I consider the audacity of grace.
I am humbled and grateful for the beauty of it.
Thank you, Jesus.
It makes no sense that you should consider us.
Yet you do.
Even these.
Even me.
Beautiful reminders today, of the audacity and beauty of His grace.
I can’t escape my love of this verse, I know I have probably shared it before.
But I hope you will see it new with me today!
Blessings, Friends!

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29 thoughts on “The Beauty And Audacity Of Grace

  1. What a beautiful reminder that God can be seen even in the very small things of our day-to-day lives 🙂 Thank you for rending what would otherwise have been a dry bit of scripture into something touching.


  2. Gorgeous lilies! I love the splash of purple inside. Purple being the color of royalty makes me think of the King…which reminds me that He dwells in me just like that purple inside the flower and that I will bloom and He will become visible in me as I grow in relationship with Him.


  3. “The audacity of beauty, the audacity of grace” — yes! Thank you, Dawn. 🙂 Beautiful photos too. Thank you for joining me on my site this weekend and praying with me for my friend of the shooting. You said: “Please pray I would walk closely with Him so I am able to pray continuously…be available, not hindered, distracted or weighed down by sin.In His Grace, Dawn” –yes, me too. Father, may we walk closely with you, available, unhindered or distracted, and thank you that it is wholly, completely, only in your grace! “All's grace,” as Ann Voskamp says, 🙂 Jennifer


  4. Absolutely beautiful photos and love the Scriptures you have twinned them with – very appropriate! Thank you for linking up to Scripture Sunday this week… it is a pleasure to host a link to this post.WendyP.S. Love the noise of 'waves washing up on the shore' on your blog. So relaxing!Wendy @ ECTaS


  5. Ah, the boldness of grace. Where would I be without it being made visible by it's boldness–it's audacity–proclaiming personal offerings from God to me. I'm smiling at the beauty of grace and your reminder to me.Blessings,Pamela


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