Honeymoon Memories in Nantucket (RJD #11)

Honeymoon Journal, July 2003

I am feeling a bit sentimental today, I guess. I dug into my trunk of journals and just felt like sharing a few slices of memory from this special journal. I know marriage is not an easy endeavor. However so often I feel people do not want to fess up and admit how hard it is. Marriage challenges me to the inner core of my being. It’s a continual laying down of one’s life. It is grace for the moment and grace for past grievances and future mistakes. It is a holy acceptance of another. It is by God, and it’s requirements can only be met as we lean on him. If you have found another way, it is a lie. Marriage is a covenant that God established for man’s benefit and His glory. Anything that seeks to mimic it in any other form or way than by the way He has ordained it is deception. An outright lie. I am not deceived into believing marriage is easy, nor do I take it lightly. It is a reflection of one’s  heart, faith and commitment to God and I am unable to keep this vow without Him as Lord of my life, just as I can not do one thing at all apart from Him that is worth anything. Especially those things that are from Him. I just wish more Christians would share grace and truth authentically with regard to the reality of a marriage instead of cowering in corners afraid to speak truth in love, meekness and gentleness.  Um, I did not see that little tangent coming but: the tangent is now over. Forgive me…I am not sure where that came from…OK onto my RDJ share for this week. 
Jettis Beach, Nantucket, MA

Well since two of our Random Journal Day Participants shared “Milestones” and “Snapshots” when I came across the page which captured a wonderful honeymoon day in my journal I thought it would be just perfect to share these “Tidbits” from the honeymoon journal! I am enjoying my little journey down memory lane so I went ahead and linked up some of the wonderful places we actually visited. I hope you enjoy! 
My hubby bought me my journal before we left at Morning Star Christian Bookstore in Rhode Island. 
Hubby signed it ( I am very corny about book signing).
I cut up a wedding card for the “embellishments”! lol.
Yes, I had glue and scissors on the honeymoon !
The first pages of this journal are scraps of the wedding.
 The scroll that we had put with the wedding favors and a picture
of where the reception  was held!
We stayed here at the Centerboard Inn

(Thursday’s Activities)

Yesterday was a full & fun day!

*“Sconsett Village” {That is pictured on right side of journal entry- a painting postcard}
*A beautiful pristine beach walk
*Dinner at Vincent’s Italian Restaurant & Grill with “Frankie” {Sinatra} playing in the background-wonderful dinner. This was my favorite dinner and restaurant!
*Book Festival -wondered around and we got a bunch of old books! This was the best time! Beautiful building and also we payed $ 14 for a big box of books! {which we had to lug onto the boat ride home along with all else! Picture below}
*Angelo bought me a gold Nantucket Basket necklace which I wanted
*More wandering, shopping and browsing
*I lost my sunglasses
*I got new sunglasses {Angelo did this as well the next day, I believe- it’s the waves factor- we wore them in the water}
*We saw an awesome movie – “Pirates of The Caribbean”. {This was the first week it was released!} So perfect for our honeymoon – so perfect for Nantucket.
*We bought a journal for Angelo {It’s still empty, FYI}

Our book treasures-walking back to the Inn! 
Here we are at what was my favorite day of the Honeymoon
@ Vincents Italian Restaurant and Grill. Perfecto!

If you have a moment grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this 4 minute video by Ric Burns which shows the beautiful scenery of Nantucket; you will see why it captured my imagination as a child (I visited and wrote my first poem about it in third grade)  and why as an adult it still holds a sweet spot in my heart.

We are pictured with Roses called “New Dawn”,
now how perfect is that?

For more information about Nantucket: visit Nantucket.net Hope to see you there someday!

Hope you enjoyed this Random Journal Day trip 
down memory lane with me…
Please join us over at Random Journal Day for more journal peeks !

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  1. Awwww, that's so sweet! I feel honored to be allowed a peek into your honeymoon memories! Really precious…and a handsome/beautiful couple to boot! I have never been to Nantucket yet…someday. My son's inlaws live on the island and they go visit them a couple times a year. It sounds delightful! Thank you for sharing with us. You are a blessing.


  2. Oooh I love love loved this so much! You had scissors & glue on your honeymoon?! Haha! That says a lot about you I think. It is so cool that you got to do so many of your fav things, books, etc. Thanks for posting this Dawn, so sweet and sentimental.


  3. hahaha! I was wondering when someone might , she brought scissors and glue on her honeymoon?! Well I am one who travels with a journal always…so, truth be told it says something for sure. lol


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