The Bloggers Prayer Project: 31 Days of Praying For Bloggers

First, I want to say I am humbled and awed at the same time by this journey which began last year for me, here in the Blogosphere. It all started because I felt as though my heart would explode if I did not find a way to share my heart for Him through the vehicle of writing. I barely knew what a blog was, when I stumbled on the means to make it happen. Thank you e-blogger and Google. I never expected that it would be all it has become. I never anticipated the many obedient hearts that were already sharing and expanding His Kingdom via the internet. My small puzzle piece fits into the final outcome He himself has envisioned and created. For that I am grateful. I am also amazed and I continue to live in a constant state of amazement and wonder as I stumble like the child I am through this wonderful Toy Store of life, with you.

Would you join me as I celebrate and embark on an adventure? 

It has been on my heart to commit to pray for a Blogger a day intentionally and to
entreat others to do the same. 
I thought I would start with 31 Days because it seemed like a good place to start. 
I want to allow you time to make your list of 31 Bloggers so I thought I should share in advance of the start date. Initially I had planned to start on May 1st. But with the passing of my Father-in-Law and the funeral details, it was put on hold. God’s timing is perfect, though and this caused me to realize that anytime is a good time to start on this type of adventure. 
I decided that my one year “Blogiversary” *May 20* 
would be my start date. 

I also thought I would invite my fellow bloggers
 to join me in hopes of covering
 the entire Blogosphere in prayer. 
(Join in and start anytime!)
I am thankful to Melanie over at Only A Breath for graciously, freely providing the beautiful badge/button for this special project. 
If you would like to join in:
1. Commit and choose 31 fellow Bloggers to pray for with a start date.

2. Write up your “List of 31” Bloggers in a post to publish on your Blog.

3. Grab the Badge for your Post or Side Bar (or both, since it is so pretty!).

4. Come link-up here and leave a comment to let me know you are participating! 

1. A daily Post with prayer for the Blogger you cover in prayer that day. 
2. Let the blogger know their special prayer date via e-mail 
(pray for some private requests if they desire and you are willing).
* I will keep the link open for at least a month for you to take time to make your list and start date. Of course it is always a good time to pray, so jump in, share and let’s cover the Blogosphere in prayer!
* If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts feel free to contact me @

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15 thoughts on “The Bloggers Prayer Project: 31 Days of Praying For Bloggers

  1. Dawn, you are such a blessing. Yes!! I am going to join you. I am working on my list of bloggers to pray for right now and will link it here tonight or tomorrow. I've already been praying for some but will ask the Lord to lead me and guide me. This is a wonderful thing you are doing!! Blessings!


  2. What a wonderful idea, Dawn. Barbie blessed me by adding me to her list so I am going to pray for the bloggers on her list and some of the other bloggers I know although I may not link up…Thanks again, Dawn!


  3. discovered this project through Barbie and am so excited to participate. Thank you for thinking of this and challenging us to join in! love it!


  4. Blessings Dawn… and all the rest in this project! WOW what a fantastic idea! Beautiful and much needed challenge and commitment to one another!Although I'm not joining this time, I hope it becomes an annual event or I have another opportunity or round. I will however post this at The Lighthouse of Prayer and hopefully you'll get a few more. Love the sound of water as I type!Thanks Dawn, Barbie, Nikki…and whoever else!Have a wonderful time praying and blessing others! I will pray along but due to lack of computer, I can't commit to posting. Love in Christ,Peggy


  5. What an encouraging idea! I just found out about it today, so I'm behind. I really would love to do this and will start to plan out my list and post my link to it soon.Thanks for this opportunity to be a blessing and support to others in the blogosphere!


  6. What a great idea! I learned of it through my sweet friend Barbie, who actually did a post about me! It was so very sweet, and left me growing that much closer to the Lord and with a happy heart! Thank you for doing this challenge! It is amazing! Summer


  7. Peggy, thank you so much for sharing at your place! I really am planning to continue. Either keeping the link open or starting a second round with a new link. Either way…God is up to good things in the Blogosphere!


  8. Hi Dawn,I've been wanting to write you about this but things haven't had a chance. I LOVE this idea and am THRILLED that I am included on your prayer list!I hope to participate when things calm down a bit. In the meantime, I have featured this on Inspire Me Monday to spread the word – hope you are having a fabulous weekend!Create With Joy


  9. You are such a blessing! Sounds great…oh I noticed that my first comment was linked to my regular blog and I mentioned this at our team blog, Lighthouse of Prayer and started one (Linky Style there) Only 18 bloggers so far, I'm hoping others will add to make 31.Beautiful way to honor God and our blogging sisters! I so agree that God is up to something good, I just wish more would pray!


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