True Riches on Monday

 But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ—the righteousness that comes from God and is by faith.
Philippians 3:7-9

First I have to say this: Can I get an Amen that there is some amazing fellowship in the Blogosphere?
I am blown away week after week, day after day, by all of YOU! You wild and crazy people. We communicate through e-mails, chats and comments and I seriously feel truly rich in Bloggy love. Don’t ever let anyone speak about all of the evil that comes through the internet. I receive multitudes of blessing in this CRAZY, loving place. I just wish I could grab each of you by your head with my arm and give you noogies! Then hugs. Once, while standing in a Cafe, when I was in my fanatically fit days I looked at a slice of chocolate cake and said ” That is evil”. Coincidentally, the guys standing in line ahead of me were seminary students (God just loves to do this stuff to me all the time) and overheard my statement. One of them looked at me and gave me the his best pitch for the problem of “evil” and assured me that the chocolate cake in and of itself was not evil. This led into what perhaps would be fodder for a future sermon upon graduation about the nature of evil. Really, God has taught me that a closed mouth and listening ears can carry a person a long way. Course I am a slow learner…and I am still un-learning my own practice: Open mouth, insert foot. I am expert with that. But progress has been made. I now eat the chocolate cake. Guilt free. Although I weigh more. I also know more now about evil than I ever wanted to! Just read The Screwtape Letters and you will be up to speed. After you read through your Bible first, of course. Duh!


I am grace-filled and sparked up to share the weeks gifts, blessings and miscellaneous joys! Get ready, this is gonna be a crazy ride!
So Susie @ Recovering Church Lady and I finally did it! 
We started a Blog Hop link Up that has been on our hearts for awhile. 
Dig out your journals, we know you have them. Now share.
We will be opening this link up every weekend (Saturday through Friday), 
so please jump in when you can, OK? 
Exciting News:
Stacy from A Life Lived Well has stepped up to the plate and will be the first one to share her testimony under my Faith Tab! I want to invite you to consider sharing your written testimony here at Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith. If you are a blogger, I will include the links to your blog. But this invitation is open to all who are willing to write their story of coming to the Lord. I want to add, they do not have to be long and you do not have to have a blog. Stacy has shared a wonderful testimony and journey, please stop by and spend some time with a cup of coffee or tea as you mull over all she shares in her own “His – Story”. You will be blessed! (Should be “live” by tomorrow!)
(and the sweetest Kitties ever- besides my own, of course. Shh…they are jealous girls!)
featured one of my posts much to my surprise. Totally a God thing. 
One of those posts that I wrote, scratched my head and said, well Lord, 
that was not what I thought I was going to say but apparently You wanted to say it! 
He is AWESOME and I am grateful.
May He continue to Increase as I learn to decrease…the Lessons of Less this year continue. 
Monday night I enjoyed a wild night out at the library making cards for free!
(Picture Adam Sandler squealing : “For freeeeeeeeeeeee?”)
The bunny looked like a rat, but hey, I am a bit rusty.
This is my In-Laws wedding picture. I spent a couple of days with my MIL Grace,
and it was such a gift to me. Unfortunately, I was bringing lunch and keeping company because my FIL
was in the hospital. Still is, Spirit-led prayers are welcome, for health and healing. Our time of talking and company keeping together was part of my riches this week.
I am hoping to spend a few days with her this week as well.

OK, so seriously- Also I have been dealing with a bit of a “minor” illness as well.
 I actually did not write much last week. I was unable to lead my Moms In Prayer Group.
But after a Doctor visit, I am doing better.
However, I do have some upcoming tests.
Repeat after me: “YUCK”.
But, I will be brave and go.
Let’s pray that it remains “minor”. 

OK, So my sweet, wonderful,dear Mentor/Friend/Sister In Christ, Sharon Gamble 
(New England Regional Director for Moms In Prayer) shared this and you might find it interesting.
The link will take you to a Gallup Poll “These Are The Top 5 Most Religious and Least Religious States”

In case you need a Wake Up Call!

Thanks, I needed that! 
Say it with me today: I am RICH IN CHRIST. 
I AM RICH! In Christ! 
In Christ-
Rich – I Am! 
If you have Him. 
You are! 
Rock on! 

55. How He loves me 56. How He loves You 57. How He loves You and Me 58. Grace beyond measure 59. Too many blessings to count 60. These endless conversations spilling into eternity, precious 61. fragility of life 62. honoring a deserving family with our presence 63. hope for reconciliation for a tarnished relationship 64. surrounded by beauty despite pain 65. Grace for the moment 66. endless forgiveness in the asking 67. internet access 68. a roof for the rain 69. blankets, and lots 70. laughter defusing anger 71. boys at church 72. a kiss on the cheek from my best boy sweet 73. that He will allow them to grow by grace through faith 74. faith, Lord, I am awed by the gift of faith 75. His mighty power in my utter weakness 76. Kindest friends in the Blogosphere 76. My Bloggy BFF Pam 77. laughter in the face of adversity because of His amazing grace 78. My Mother-In – Law Grace 79. Love in my heart that grows wild and free and has it’s claim on me- not my own…80. New mercies for the morning

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5 thoughts on “True Riches on Monday

  1. I loved the map. Being a person who might just like geography quite a bit the map was fabulous. :)And thank you for the reminder about being rich — in Christ I have all I need — it's remembering that.Blessings on your Monday!Rachel


  2. This post is such a blessing to me. But now, I have 2 questions for you–where did you get all that money and where can I get some? ROFL!!!! :)Love you, girl,Pam


  3. I might have one or two journals around. I will have to look. I began destroying them after they were filled quite a few years ago because my family has a habit of reading (snooping) them uninvited. Because they are where I pour out my heart and work through things they really aren't, for the most part, ever intended for the eyes of others and reading them has caused more than one fight….never mind the uninvited reading. :/


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