A Confident Heart Free Today with Renee: Hooray!

Hi Friends! Well, today in case you don’t already know it Renee Swope’s A Confident Heart is available until midnight for FREE! Please hurry over and get yours if you have ever wanted it and not purchased it before. As my wise grandmother always said, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” I really have no idea what that means exactly but my best interpretation is GO GET IT! 
If that was not generous and wonderful enough, Renee is hosting an Online Study for you to participate in as well! Well, I am so IN, dear ones! I am feeling God say, FOR YOU! 
Can you hear Him?
Is He speaking to you?
Would you like to join me, and make sure I do my homework  enjoy growing in truth together?
Well if so, just pop on over to her sight and find the best way to get that book. Free or otherwise, it’s a wonderful thing! 
.The next Online Study is April 23 through June 29 2012.

Check out the video, and consider if God is GIFTING you!

Here is Renee, speaking about this book in a short clip. 
It’s about 3 minutes long and available on You Tube as well as her site

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3 thoughts on “A Confident Heart Free Today with Renee: Hooray!

  1. Hi Dawn nice to meet you. Thanks for sharing about the free book…I did get it. Mostly though…I like your blog! I found you through Denise at Refine Me and then again I saw you CPR Ezra. Anyway…I will be back. Blessings to you…Chelle


  2. Dawn,After much trial and error and gnashing of teeth, I was able to get the book. Yipeee and thank you, my friend!!!!Grace & peace to you,Pam


  3. Thanks for the tip on the book. It looked sort of familiar so I went to check the shelves and sure enough, there it was! It was among the mountain of free books we were given last year at Relevant Conference (oh how I wish I could swing going this year).


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