God, Google Earth and The Three O’s

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Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earthby your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you. ~Jeremiah 32:17

To my friends near and far and around the globe, I am sharing a post I wrote in my earlier blogging days. A time when I wrote and shared prolifically. In those early blogging days, I wrote about my dear daughter, Katherine Grace, occasionally. These are moments captured and I long to look back through the lens of time and see what encouragement I might find in the remembering. As I am (and we are) still trying to fathom our great loss in the death of our precious daughter- our one and only child, I wanted to revisit these earlier writings and share them here. I originally wanted to compile a list of these writings with links, but thought it might be better to re-post them as some of them needed mild revisions having been transferred over from my former blog, Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith, and were glitchy.

I hope these bless the reader. I am often blessed and surprised as I re-read some of my writing. I write to remember because, well, honestly I think I am just forgetful. Maybe that’s why God allows me writing. It keeps me connected to Him…and mindful of what matters when I forget.

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The Green Hat {A Love Letter to My Girl}

Today, I am sharing a piece I wrote and shared on this blog back in 2014. For those who have followed me in this public place and may not know, the beautiful girl these words were written for has left God’s good earth and is seeing things we have only yet imagined. Katherine Grace, our beautiful daughter passed away on January 9th, 2021. This certainly has made the longing for Heaven stronger within me now than ever before. I rediscovered this memory and poem-letter as we prepared our 20- year -old daughter Katherine’s memorial service-something I still find hard to believe is our reality at the moment. I know God gave me the wherewithall to write these words…words that are worth sharing have been gifts for my soul…like manna sustaining me on a long journey. I don’t really have words right now, but I am clinging to The One who is the Word to sustain me until I do. For now I give you the words given me a few years back. When I can, I want to write everything I can remember about this beaitiful girl we have loved. I want to keep remembering, and never forget…right now, everything is hard, and unreal, and life itself seems irrelevent. My heart longs for home…our hearts ache beyond words. As never before we know what it is to sit silently before the Lord, knowing He has the final word. May these words bring hope for your weary heart, wherever you are on your path. May you know the One who sustains all things always now and forever. Amen.

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Unhindered 2021 -A Few Words on Picking One Word for Your Year

My weekend Dreamers Summit Vision Board created with Horacio Printing the first weekend in December.

It’s that time of year again. Pandemic or not, many have set their sights on a new year, and 2021, whatever else it is to be remains a distant unseen dream. Meanwhile if you have set your own sights on all the new year might be, perhaps you are wondering how to approach this unknown beast called 2021, even how one might tame it, or at least wrestle it into submission. Whether or not it will be a beast or a beauty, there is a way to face the year we have yet to know with confidence, trust and hope. In a word, a word.

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Advice for What You Can’t Yet Understand

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May the one who needs to receive hard words be able to receive them when they find him. May that be the prayer and heart of all of us. I dedicate this poem to the one who needs to hear it.

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