Motherhood Memories: You Can’t Hide Yer Lyin’ Eyes (Or Hair Color)

I’m continuing to share some of the posts previously written in the years I was blessed – and sometimes stressed, as I navigated the bumpyroads of motherhood. This looking back and remembering is somehow keeping me during this time following my daughter’s death. How it pains me to write those words. Yet, I continue to be kept by the One who keeps all things, who knows all things, who all things have been made by, through, and for…and who will somehow keep keeping me. It is all beyond my knowing.

Today, I share a lighthearted moment. One that we did laugh about, and one that still makes me smile. I am so grateful God gave me the wherewithall to write these things…as well as a supportive Christian blogging communty at the time who cheered me on through the ups and downs of parenting. God has graced me with amazing friendships near and far, some I have met in person and many I have not! Some of you will remember when I shared this story back in 2012. Either way, I hope it brings you a smile and kindles a memory of your own either of your childhood or parenting and navigating the haircare years. God bless you, friends. Thanks for being here.

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